Final 혜진세영.jpgNick Robinson, one of my role models and favorite actors, posted a quote on his Instagram last year, and in the quote said, “If you are not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” This quote made me think of the situation about the #Metoo movement. I remember that feminism was a battle I do not wanted to fight. And I had my reasons, lame reasons, but still reasons.

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Time Travelling: Would You Do it?

I bet anyone in this world has ever thought of wanting to go to the past and fix that moment you wished you had fix it, or just go back because you miss that certain past? Me too. There is so many mistake in my past, so many promises I didn’t make, so many things and people and places I miss, if only, I could go back and revive it all again. Time has been my worst enemy, much more than death has ever being. Continue reading “Time Travelling: Would You Do it?”