Blade Runner – The Epic Return

“All those moments will be lost in time… Like tears in the rain… Time to die.”


Harrison Ford is mostly known for his characters in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. But I remember him from the greatest sci-fi film I have ever watched so far: Blade Runner. I got the time to watched Blade Runner, few weeks ago, by the suggestion of a professor at my university. We all known that Harrison Ford is the coolest, and in this film, he nailed it as always. But what I loved the most from his performance in this film, wasn’t the scenes where he is fighting the replicants, nor the part where he is washing the blood away from his mouth. Instead, it’s any scene where he is eating ramen, and dumplings. He’s so cool that he also look cool even when he is eating, -I’m shaking my head, because is so true. Man, you just wished to have some Chinese food with Harrison Ford sitting on a restaurant, and talk about how grandiose he is.

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13 Reasons Why – A Serious Conversation


Original Written Date: June 21, 2017

Yesterday, I began watching 13 Reasons Why and today, without even pausing once, I finished watching it. 3 years ago, I read this book, and even though the tv show aired months ago, I was afraid of watching it, fearing it would ruin my beloved book. At the end, I watched it, and it was beautiful, perhaps beyond better than the book. I heard things about what the tv show is doing, like embracing suicide, and raising millenials to kill themselves. But guess what, this is the ugly truth. Society forces us to have a phony smile in our faces, when truly, we are dying on the inside. Don’t call out and judge the people who think about suicide, because the once who should be called out are, sincerely, everyone, for creating a society to exclude someone for being different, and telling them to be afraid and stay quiet.

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The 21th’s Birthday Week

Dear Friend,

September 29th is my birthday, and the best part is that it’s on Friday!

Last year, I celebrated my birthday the same way: making the whole week, about myself. I liked my last year birthday, I celebrated with the people at my new university, and some friends from my former university. Well, even though I had many people last time, I realized that the majority of those people didn’t really care about me. So, this year I decided to celebrate my birthday ONLY with the people that I do care, and I know they care for me, too.

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To My Former Friends,

I am 21-year-old today. I think this time, I am the age that I suppose to be, you know, I feel like a legitimate adult. This year, I celebrated my birthday with the right people: this time, I celebrated my birthday for myself. I scrawled back to my past Instagram photographs, and I see how many people I met through the journey, and how few had stayed with me. And I think is both my fault and them.

Last year, it was an exhausting year, not just because I decided to follow my dream and give myself one last chance, also, because I lost my brother.

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Do not Judge Depending on the History

Date Written: August, 2015

This Monday, my friend, who is Japanese and a very generous person, shared his experience with our class about what had happened to him during his weekend. Before anything else, I just want to include that my friend is part of a community service called the Project EARTH, and this community helps Korean women who where sexually assaulted by Japanese soldiers in the 1980s, which is mostly known as WWII.


Anyway, this Saturday my friend and the members of his community where collecting money by selling the products that they had made, and with it they can donated it to their charity. Unfortunately, they didn’t collected the amount of money that they expected to. My friend was a little bit disappointed, but grateful because last time our class supported him by buying the button badge that we donated to his charity.

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Ya se que estas enojada conmigo,
Porque te cuento mi vida
En tiras cortas y mentiras incluidas.
Tal vez es porque no confío en ti.
Me tiras mis problemas, sabiendo no
Que me duele hasta el alma.
“Cobarde” me dices a mí.
“Se fuerte” me demandas a mí.
Me destrozan tus palabras,
Al igual que tú actitud.
Me dices que miento,
¿Por qué no entiendes que es tu actitud?
Tu no te mereces mi amistad, ni mi verdad.
Y recuerda que no perderé mi
Inocencia ni humanidad.
Esto es lo que me hace yo.
Esta soy yo.
Si lo pierdo no tengo nada,
Solo una alma vacía.
Ya se que me vez como una bola de basura,
Pero te veo a ti,
Y tu eres igual.