The Perfect Song for the Road

Thursday, 19 January 2017

While listening to this song, I imagine myself sitting in the back seat on a car and staring outside the window, wondering what would there be in that abundant dessereted road. At noon the sun’s heat hits you right away, which doesn’t bother you that much. But at dawn is when the magic comes out, if you pay attention, you can see the deserted road because of the millions and millions of stars brightening the road, as if their job were replacing the Sun at night. The infinite amount of dots in the skies are unbelievable, how can someone be scare at night, when you have these many stars guarding you until you fall asleep? Is this how Jack Kerouac felt while traveling through his journey around America?

I once started writing a story about a girl who lived in a small town and decided to escape because she had this uncontrollable ego of wanting to explore the outside world. In her journey she met people, people who taught her what kind of place was the outside world. I don’t know if she finished her journey, nor even know if she actually fullifield what she was looking for. Why? Because I never finished the story. I hope one day I finish it, I hope I can give her the ending she deserves.

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