The Curse of September

August is gone September comes.

Oh, September the month of misfortune.

Beware! Cause the Curse of September is here.

See the skies, and the summer’s skies are gone,

Heavy rain comes.

Evil September, worst than October.

Have mercy September!

Youngsters, say goodby to your lover,

And say good bye to the summer.

Oh, October, oh, I hope you come soon.

I can feel it, September’s doom.

Unfortunately, October is far away,

Everything is worthless in September.

Nothing in my notes,

Because the inspiration is gone.

Gulls cry, louder than yesterday,

Is cause the curse of September.

Two days of September,

I count everyday.

In the ninth day

It feels like the third.

You have been aware of September.

If you’re careless in September,

September will not have mercy on you.

Be alert of the curse of September.

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