Do not Judge Depending on the History

Date Written: August, 2015

This Monday, my friend, who is Japanese and a very generous person, shared his experience with our class about what had happened to him during his weekend. Before anything else, I just want to include that my friend is part of a community service called the Project EARTH, and this community helps Korean women who where sexually assaulted by Japanese soldiers in the 1980s, which is mostly known as WWII.


Anyway, this Saturday my friend and the members of his community where collecting money by selling the products that they had made, and with it they can donated it to their charity. Unfortunately, they didn’t collected the amount of money that they expected to. My friend was a little bit disappointed, but grateful because last time our class supported him by buying the button badge that we donated to his charity.

Furthermore, my friend then included that an elder man offended him because he was Japanese, (Apparently, the majority of elders in Korea still have a resentment against Japanese people due to what had happened in the past.) My friend described it as an horrible experience, which I am truly piss-off about what my friend had to go through that day.

This wasn’t the first time that my friend had this kind of experience. I also have other Japanese friends, who are currently living in South Korea, and have been discriminated by Korean elders who dislike Japan. Once my Japanese friends told me that sometimes they can hear unkind comments behind them whenever they are in a public place, and my friends, of course, become affected by the unpleasant comments.

My friends are lovely and friendly people, and always show their affection for the Korean’s culture. They don’t deserve to be treated disrespectfully because of their nationality.

I studied history about wars in Asia, I know how Japan treated South Korea and other countries in the passed, I understand that it was hideous and inhumane. But, to be fair Japan wasn’t the only country that did hideous “things” during the war. Each country have done something atrocious and inhumane in the past and specially during the times of war. But that doesn’t mean that we can point fingers and say that a country is despicable for what had happened in the past, yet, we shouldn’t forget what had happened in the past, because it will prevent from happening again.

Japan is a marvelous country as same as South Korea. This August 15, South Korea celebrated the “National Liberation Day of Korea”, which marks the day where Korean citizens liberated themselves from a long battle against the colonial rule by Japan.

Today, South Korea is one of the notorious countries around the world, and have demonstrated how far they have come.

Countries such as Japan and South Korea have their cons and pros, no country is perfect, so we shouldn’t discriminated anyone by their nationalities, because each one of us is just us, and how we behave to other is how it will really defined us.

I am not shading South Korea nor any other country, in fact, I am a patriotic and proud to be a Korean-Guatemalan citizen. I love my countries as much as the rest of the other countries. Which means that if I can admire other countries, so those the rest of the people. I have faith that all nations can live in harmony and people can be proud of themselves by who they are, proud from where they come and having no grudge against any other persons because of their nationality. Racism is selfish and wrong, and no one should be outcast for something that our ancestors did in the passed. So say no to Racism and stop it for once!

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