The 21th’s Birthday Week

Dear Friend,

September 29th is my birthday, and the best part is that it’s on Friday!

Last year, I celebrated my birthday the same way: making the whole week, about myself. I liked my last year birthday, I celebrated with the people at my new university, and some friends from my former university. Well, even though I had many people last time, I realized that the majority of those people didn’t really care about me. So, this year I decided to celebrate my birthday ONLY with the people that I do care, and I know they care for me, too.

I began my birthday week, by meeting one of my greatest friend, Heidi. She and I attended and graduated from the same high school. I considarate Heidi one of my best friend, because I haven’t lost her, and what I mean by that is that she still in contact with me, and whenever we got together, I always understand, and so does she! She’s the greatest.

Anyway, we both have almost the same day of birthday, her is the 27th and mind is 29th, odd numbers. Maybe this is the reason we always tried to celebrate our birthday together, because we are a bunch of weirdos, but in a good way.

I told Heidi what I got for her birthday, which is a Lemongrab Notebook, the character from Adventure Time. She is sooooo weird for liking that odd character. So she got me a notebook from my favorite character, which is LSP!!! And also, a folder from Adventure Time- I know, I know, Adventure Times is our fetish, don’t judge us!- And a really sweet card, which I thought of sharing, but I will not, because I think she would wanted me to mantained it private.

Moving on to Wednesday, since the beginning of this month, I have being trying to go a fully comitted vegan, even though, I being a vegetarian for almost 4 years. This time I really wanted to quit dairy and eggs, because I have being working out, and losing weight has being my biggest priority. Also, I got the influenced after watching a documentary called What The HealthSo far, I loved how my body has being chaninging, I never felt this light before! Unfortunately, I found out that because of my dairy allergy, there could be a high chance that I could have nuts allergy, too, which I do! And I think is sad, because many of meat substitude comes from nuts. Yet, I am very happy with my choice, I feel healthy, and thin, and happy!

Where was I? Oh! Right! Wednesday, Wednesday I bought  a dress from Stradivarius, so I could wear it for my birthday. The dress is gorgeous, because is so my vibe: it has all this flowers on it, is long, is just my asthetic. Whenever I buy cloth, I look clothing fitting my asthetic, and that is a hippie-homeless vibe. But the only problem with this dress, was that it was too expensive. My hand literally shaked, when I was giving the money to the casher. Yet, I still think it was worth it, and by the way, TREAT YO SELF!

Later on, I went to Anguk, which is an incredible place, and I’m kind of mad because I didn’t know about it before, how shameful of me. The place remind me of Fontabella, a place in Guatemala where I used to buy my English books. I went to Anguk to go have lunch in a vegan restaurant called Ose Gye Hyang. I ordered the black bean noodles, and fried soy protein serred with sweet sauce, and OH. MA. GOD. It was just splendid. I really see myself coming back to this place.

I had plan to meet my Homie on my birthday, but he was busy that day, so we re-scheduled it for Thursday. Yet, Thursday also became really hard, because I had a class that finished at 12, and he had a class that started at 12:50, which only gave us time to meet for at least an hour. We were thinking of having a quick lunch, but the time we had was very little, plus he was tardy 20 minutes- I wasn’t mad though. So at the end, I suggested to say a quick hello, and go to our own way, because it had being a while since we saw each other, and I was dying to meet him. When we finally got together, I saw he hadn’t change at all, still had that white baby face of his, so envious of his skin, it’s the skin that every women want. I asked him about Paris, and he told me that he didn’t just went to Paris, he went to every single part of Europe, and the way he said, sound it like he had a bliss, which I am very happy for him. He told me that I looked better than he last saw me, also said that my hair had changed, and looked more clean than before, which he was right, I am genuinely happy right now, and had a hair cut, too.

He suggested that we at least get gelatos, and I thought it was a lovely idea. He felt so bad for being late, that he treated the gelatos, even though I clarified him I was find. We spoke for a short time, and I told him about my life, and he told me about all the delicious food he had in Europe, even showed me pictures, for godsakes!

Then he explained that he got 20 minutes late, because he went to get a gift for me, and I previously told him not to get me anything, but he did it anyway. Yet, I do appreciated it a lot. I am very lucky for having him as one of the fewest of best friends. We had so much to talk about, and it was disappointing that we didn’t had that much time, but we promise to meet again.

For D-day, I wanted to do something that I liked, which is baking. I had Professional English in the afternoon, so because I love that class and the people on it, I decided to bake a cheesecake and brownies. I bought the ingredients the previous day, and about mid-night I began baking. I didn’t do research of a specific recipie, I just went from what I had learned watching cooking videos. The cheesecake was the most adventures for me, because I decided to make it a macha cheesecake. In Korea, is hard to find ingredients that I used to taste abroad, and honestly, I do not like the ingredients in Korea, because it doesn’t get close to what I used to taste back in my days.

I brought the desserts to my Professional English class, and shared it with my classmates and professor. Everyone loved it, and said it was delicious, one classmates, literally told me that I am perfect girl ready to be a wife, I didn’t know how to take that comment, so I took it as a good complement? I appreciated the comments, and they wished me a happy birthday.

I even received some love from a friend in Guatemala. My friend’s name is Ana I, and we met in elementary school, and after all this years, we still being great friends. For me, she is the reason that I believe in people destinated to meet people like yourself. She and I have so many stories, and maybe in the future I might write something about our friendship.


One more sweet detailed that my great Homie did, -the one I met the previous day,- he made my day even better, when I went to Katalk this morning, I saw my Homie’s profile picture and he had this as his pp:


His pp was the conversation we had the previous day. I mean, how sweet of him! I kind of cried when I saw this, so I immediately texted him back, saying thank you.


Later, Heidi send me a message, and I also realized she did the same thing too, like my Homie did with his profile pic. I love her so much!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 6.11.02 PM

I seriously don’t know what I did to deserve these people. They may think that I am a kind person, but compare to them, they are beyond me, or anyone I know.

So, this is basically how I spend my birthday. I didn’t made it a big deal, although I planned to spend it with my family, unfortunately, my parents are really busy, and my brother just doesn’t care about my birthday, or anybody’s birthday, not even his. So, yeah, I just had a chilled day, with my brother, playing FIFA, and the dogs beside me, driking tea, and eating a lot of rice rapped in sea weed.

The most important part of this whole event, was that I felt grown up. I used to pretend that I wanted to be with certain people, because I saw this person as cool and living in the edge made them look even cooler, but eventually, I learned that I was with people who were so center with  themselves, and that I couldn’t count on them. I hope that in the future, I continue the way I making my decisions right now. Because I do believe on abundant happiness, and I want to keep being happy.

It was a great brithday, because I got to spend it with people who I love and I can trust, and so do they.



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