Blade Runner – The Epic Return

“All those moments will be lost in time… Like tears in the rain… Time to die.”


Harrison Ford is mostly known for his characters in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. But I remember him from the greatest sci-fi film I have ever watched so far: Blade Runner. I got the time to watched Blade Runner, few weeks ago, by the suggestion of a professor at my university. We all known that Harrison Ford is the coolest, and in this film, he nailed it as always. But what I loved the most from his performance in this film, wasn’t the scenes where he is fighting the replicants, nor the part where he is washing the blood away from his mouth. Instead, it’s any scene where he is eating ramen, and dumplings. He’s so cool that he also look cool even when he is eating, -I’m shaking my head, because is so true. Man, you just wished to have some Chinese food with Harrison Ford sitting on a restaurant, and talk about how grandiose he is.

Okay, I’m getting off topic, the reason I’m writing is because in less than a week, the sequel of Blade Runner is coming out: Blade Runner 2049! And I’m grateful to my professor, Ian, for telling me to watched the film, before the sequel comes out.


I remember when Ian and I discussed about this film, he said that the director of this film, Ridley Scott, is a man who made film history, because the film has it’s own style, and I have to agreed with Ian. He showed me an image of a scene in the film, where a character is smoking, and the smoked fades away in the air, and how the camera focus on the smoke, as much as is focus on the character’s expression. Ian says that Ridley Scott is trying to give the audience the feeling that they are genuinely in the scene.

Further, I asked Ian what was the plot of the film, because I am one of those people who will not spend time watching a film that isn’t worth it to be watch. Anyway, Ian told me the plot, and that how this film was set on a future time, and that it had a philosophical idea in it. So I became even more interested by it, and I told him that the plot kind of reminded me of one of my favorite animes: Cowboy Bebop. And oh, man! Later, after being convince, I watched the Blade Runner film, then, I found out that the creator of Cowboy Bebop, Shinichirō Watanabe, directed a short anime film for this sequel, and it’s Blade Runner Black Out 2022, –you have to watch it, and it’s in Youtube, if you’re interest.  WHAT A FREAKING COINCIDENCE! I mean, it really didn’t surprise me, that Blade Runner and Cowboy Bebop were mashed together, because if you compared both of them, from side to side, they both give you the same vibe. Both of them have these futuristic floating on space vibe; you can see it through the colors chosen in the scenes, like the neon sign and props; you can heard it in the smooth jazzy music played in the background, everything in these two adaptations says: made in Japan.

But the most important part of the film, was it’s philosophy. After watching the film, and done research of the philosophical meaning of this film, the question was: What makes the living being a being? It is the body itself, or the the mind inside the body?

I thought about the question, and I began thinking of an example, where I saw myself in a scene where my memories are being extracted and pass it on to another body, that it wasn’t me, just like a replicant. And if I was a replicant, of course, I would see myself as a being, and does that makes me, myself? Just because I don’t look the same, but I still have all the knowlege, does that makes me, myself? And my answered is, yes, of course! I still think even though, I am not in my own body, my memories are still alive, and the reason I am me, it is because of my beliefs. Let’s say I was born without emotions, and I see an apple, but I don’t know what an apple is, because I can’t give it a meaning. Meaning! That’s right! Meaning is what makes me, as me. I know what I know, and I believe in what I believe.

Then I thought of the idea of making someone or something a replicant, like if it was possible who or what would I want to make a replicant. There was someone in particular that I imagined making a replicant, and that was my chihuahua, Cookie. I thought about Cookie, because I lost him last year in a terrible car accident, and every single day, I miss him very deeply. Cookie brought so much joy to my family, and I saw him as a legitimate brother of mine, and the fact I had lost him in a very unfaired way, it made me missed him even more. I would want to make Cookie a replicant, doesn’t matter if he comes backs as a dog, or a human, I just wish for him to be the Cookie I knew. Cookie the chihuahua wasn’t special for being a chihuahua, because if only Cookie’s body comes back to life, it wouldn’t be the same without his personality. In the film, a replicant says, “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.” And then the replicant dies. I think of Cookie being alive as a replicant, and I think that if he can still be alive, forever, I imagined him giving so much joy to other people, like he had done it with me. I see Cookie, being history, than being forgotten through time.

The body is just a piece of flesh, in my opinion. I used to care so much for what was going outside of me, than the inside. Like caring about better ways to look thinner, or prettier, or how much I regret getting the tattoes on my skin. But now, now I just think that there would be times I would look chobby, or get a pimples on my face, or that tattoes aren’t that big of a deal, because at the end of the day, it all goes away. I just need to remember who I am, and not to lose my ideas and values. Yet, we need the body as much as the mind is needed, or otherwise, we would just be a spirit floating on Earth.

But, philosophy is just an opinion, there isn’t a wrong or right answer, and this is just a part of my opinion. So what do you think of this, dear friend, and are you gonna watch the new film?

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