Mood: Tranquility

*Recommended to play video, while reading. Enjoy!*

While you are lying in your bed, look out through the window in front of you. Can you see it? Did you realize that the night has come, and the stars are accompaning you tonight?

This is your room, there is no one who can harm you, or judge you in here. Now, close your eyes. The only light you can feel, while your eyes are closed, is the stars’ brightness.

Pay attention while you have your eyes are closed. What do you see? Or feel!? Darkness!? Nothingness!? Obviously you can’t see anything, that’s the point of having your eyes closed. Now, don’t think, just imagine the place where you want to be. Where you can feel harmony, and tranquility. Perhaps it’s the beach. or the forest, or the lake.

Tell me… What do you see? Describe the place that you want to go, where you want to be, right now. What do you smell? Feel? Sound? Tell me everything!

Blink. You have appeared in a beach. Listen carefully to the ocean, the waves crashing with each other. Heard the seagulls crowing from the far, far away, all the way up in the skies. Look around you! Your feet are emerged to the warm, and fine, and golden sand. Look back up, do you see it? From the far, there it is… The beautiful, and grandiose, blue ocean. Admired it, because this is your beach, you created it. Don’t be afraid, go, walk toward the ocean. Go ahead, and get in the water, but remember to slow down. One feet at a time. Feel the cool and fresh water? Waving back and ford? Isn’t that great? Now, from where you are, inhale deeply, and tell me, what do you smell? Probably smells like salt, or seaweed. Yeah, it is definitely  salt. But it doesn’t bother you, right? There is nothing better than the smell of fresh sea.

Close your eyes one more time. While you have your eyes closed, take a deep breath. Inhale, and slowly exhaled. Finally, count down to three.

One… Two… and… Three…

Beep, beep, beep.

Uh, I think it’s time to wake up. The moment you open your eyes, you will realized that the stars from last night are gone, and now the skies is brighter, and the sun is waiting for you to get up, and out to bed.

I hope you had a pleasant night, perhaps, we should try this again. Until then, see you next time~

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