Hugh Hefner: A Man to Hate?


The other night, I watched the season premier of SNL, and through Weekend Update, I found out that Hugh Hefner had passed away, at the age of 91.

So, how do I know this man? Well, when I was in my teenage years, I used to watched a lot of MTV and E!, and one night, I stumbled across the The Girls Next Door, and back then, that show used to be what we today called Keeping Up with The Kardashian. This show was basically a show about an old man, Hugh Hefner, living with three gorgeous women, who all of them were his “girlfriends”, and all together lived in this fantasy-made-up-real mansion. I thought that the show was stupid, but at the same time I liked the lifestyle that all these three girls had. Yet, the problem was, if you wanted to have the kind of lifestyle these women had, you had to be a kissing the ass of this old man.

Years passed, and there wasn’t a break in Hefner’s life. One of the former girls on the show began complaining about how objectively Hugh Hefner used to treated her. Also, I found out the scandal between Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Monroe. So, basically, this was a horrible man, who treat women in a sexist way.

Yet, was he a bad man? If you see his mentality and stragedies, yes, he was a bad person for that. But, I don’t think his business was a bad thing.

Hugh Hefner created the Playboy magazine back in the Post war days. If I was a woman back on those days, and see a magazine filled with naked women, specially in a sensual way, it would be very overwhelming, and disturbing too. And it was! However, today we see beautiful women half naked and being sexually actractive in the covers of magazines, and we are find with it, aren’t we? This is what Hugh Hefner did; thanks to his rebellious attitude, and keep pushing his business, he revolutionized a society, and created a point of view. If he had’t follow his passion, perhaps today, we wouldn’t see women wearing short, and get mad at them.

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I might not grief for the death of this old man, but I will have to admit that he was a fair business man, who changed a culture’s perspective. So, rest in piece, old man. Your life was grand.

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