A Greeting from Autumn Eve. (Part 1)

This week, Korea celebrates Autumn by celebrating in the best way possible, with Chuseok. I love chuseok, mostly because of the food. These year, instead of celebrating it with distance family members, who really don’t call at all to ask of how the family is doing, I decided to celebrated by myself, and some friends, and some family members.

I started my chuseok week, in Tuesday, by going out with myself, basically I took myself into a date, but with myself, so… Anyway, I woke up, very late, because I could, and I wanted to. I dressed up and everything. I organized my plan, and my plan was to go to Itaewon to eat vegan food, in a bakery called Plant. And I got myself, a vegan brownie, and a chewy pumpkin cookie. I was thinking of eating it, but then I remembered that the next day I was going to meet my dearest friend, Heidi, so I wanted to reserved my experience of having vegan baking, with her. Also, what I liked about the brownie and the cookie, was that the price was affordable than the cakes, which is a relief, because last time, I had ordered a cake in this place, and smelled delicious, but it tasted plain, which I was so mad, because I paid too much for it.

I was about to leave Itaewon, when I noticed that I felt too weak to keep on, and I needed to eat at least something small to keep me going. I was going around, wondering what to eat, until I stumbled across this gelato place, and decided that treating myself a little bit, it wouldn’t do me any harm. So I got there, and tried the pumpkin cinnamon sample, and the mint choco sample. It was so hard to chose between these two amazing flavors, but at the end, I went with the pumpkin cinnamon, because I felt the vibe of autumn, and pumpkin fitted so well with the season.

I left Itaewon with a happy gelato cone. I decided to go visit my dad at work in Mullae. And because I was still hungry, I wanted to have lunch with my dad. I called him, and he loved the idea of it. When I got off of Mullae Station, my dad and I met near there. So, because I noticed that the majority of the places in Mullae was closed, I bet that there wasn’t going to be a open restaurant. At the end, we decided to go to Homeplus, because it was opened, and it was right in front of the station. My dad suggested on going to a shabu shabu buffet, which I was okay with it. I loved the food, everything tasted amazing, they even had a mochi with the fragance of melon, like how sick is that! Yet, little did I know, that my gluttony attack made me over eat. I didn’t realized that, because, obviously, I am a binge eater, so yeah. On our way to take my bus home, I felt so sick, that I was trying my best to not throw up. And poor dad, because I couldn’t handle it, that I began to tell him that I wanted to throw up, and I embarrasing him, in front of the middle of the street. Sorry, dad, but for some reason, you always there in my worst moments. But I hope you still love me…?


Moving on to Wednesday, it was the grand day to meet, once again, my great friend, Heidi. She an I decided to go picnicking in Yeouido Hangang park. I liked going to this park, I once celebrated my birthday in this place, with some friends from Japan. It felt good to going back. Because I had the whole meltdown the previous day, I had told Heidi that I was going to be sick, so I recommended her that I wouldn’t consume a lot of things, so eating a lot before our meeting was one of my suggestion, which made me feel bad about it. So instead of sitting in the park, all awkward, I decided to pack some fruits, vegetables, lemonade, and some tea.


We tried the bakings, I had got from Plants the precious. I loved both of them, but Heidi, hated the chewy cookie, because she said, it was too goowy, which I loved it because it was chewy and goowy! Oh, sometimes, I don’t get Heidi’s taste.

I had prepared a lemonade blended with strawberries. I just don’t know, but lemonade and strawberries, are for some reason, the best combination ever. Heidi loved it, in fact, I think is the only thing she liked, which is satisfactory for me. *thumbs up*


Heidi and I talked about a lot of things, about our favorite musics and books. I don’t know, when I talk to Heidi, I always feel like we are on the same page. Sometimes, I watched and wonder about the people passing by, and I noticed they are more focus on what should be going on in their lives, when maybe, if they paused and choose to see what surrounded them, they would be able to see that the world is not just about themselves, but there is something much more bigger out there, and us, individualy are just a tiny part.

When trying to look pretty, yet the winds doesn’t let you:

Then, we noticed in the skies, that there were kites flying around. I remembered a story about kites, and I told Heidi about it. In the winter of 2010, my mother, and brother and I, visited Korea. For the majority of time, we stayed in Busan, which was my mother hometowm. Before we leaving Korea to Guatemala, our uncle decided to show us some traditional places in Korea. He took us to a gigantic grave from a king, in the empire dynasty, back in the old days in Korea. But, what I remember from that day is that my brother really wanted to fly a kite, so my mother bought him a kite. We flied it for awhile, then, we went home. The night we were packing to get back to Guatemala, my brother really wanted to take the kite with him, but my mother told him no, because it was going to break, and she wanted to fill the bag with worthful stuff. But my brother begged mom, but at the end, she said no, that she was going to get him a kite in Guatemala, but I knew, and my brother knew, that there wasn’t cool kites in Guatemala, as the one he had. I don’t know why I remember that day so clearly, maybe is the way how my mother was so unfair to my brother, or maybe is because my brother never could get anything that he wanted.

We kept talking about stuff that came up from our minds. Heidi said to me that I have a very philosophical mind, and so does she! Because philosophical conversations happens and exist, because people like Heidi and I, wondering about the infinite questions that are impossible to answer, but still, tries to give it an answer. I am not trying to brag, or anything, I am just saying, that the many people I have met so far, cares about cliches, or celebrities, or some other little things. What about the big questions?
Heidi is really smart, and I think I have always noticed it. Whatever is going in her mind, I bet it is someway something smart and important. She is also humble, which is the reason she is even more smart! I hope she knows this, and I hope that she never lose this hability of her. She can always count on me, and I can count on her.

Introducing the smartest face on earth: Heidi’s face!!!!!!

P. S. I forgot to mentioned how beautiful the moon looked that night! Cheers~



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