Remembering the Once that Got Away

This week, is Chuseok week, which means, an entire free week without responsabilities. Chuseok is a Holiday, as American may known it as Thanksgiving, and Latinos as Día de Los Muertos. It is a holiday honoring our ancestors, see! Just like día de los muertos! Because I never got to meet, or see my biological ancestors, including my grandparents, it is hard for me to pay them my respects, even though I grew up hearing stories about them. So, I decided to pay my respect for the once who I used to know and respect, but they are no longer in this world. Those people would be:

  • Doña Reina, for having two amazing and smart daughters, and always fighting, even though she was as a single mother, she fought for them, which also, I am grateful for sharing my kinship with them. It was very hard, to witness her last days, battling cancer, but I will never forget the things she used to taught me: kindness and bravery. The warmest memory of her was when she used to invited us to her dinner table, after playing Nintendo games with her daughter, Monica. I loved the warm food at her house, and I loved her for letting us be part of it. I will never forget the day when I opened the door to her, and I lend to her, while she was passing by, and I sweared that in that moment, she was a queen in everybody’s eyes. I miss you very much, just like your two daughters do.
  • Another person would be a man who I didn’t know very well, but I got to known him through his son, Luis Pedro. I encounter Luis Pedro’s father whenever a school event or a birthday party of our classmates, he seem very nice and kind person, and he was. When Luis Pedro told me the story of his father, I noticed that it was very personal from him telling me his story, I will never forget the tone and expression of Luis Pedro when he told me that his father was an egg seller, who selled his egg driving his truck outside of Guatemala. I was grateful to Luis Pedro for telling me, it was like he and I now shared a friendship secret. The day I found out that Luis Pedro’s father passed away, was one morning at school, we were all minding the same morning business, when suddenly, Jamie came up crying, and immediately throwing us the news, that Luis Pedro’s father passed away. I remember all the girls went to the office to try to call their parents, and ask if we could attend the funeral, while they were doing that, I was in the back crying. Tears felt, because God had being unfaired to Luis Pedro, for taking away a person who his family needed the most. Luis Pedro’s home wasn’t a very wealthy family, and his father didn’t provide much, but he kept the house going. And all those years, I am still angry at God.
  • Someone else who I want to pay my respect, is not a person, is someone more than a person, is my dog Cookie. I wrote about him in a previous blog, but, here I am again, but this time, I am paying him my respects. Cookie was a great part of my family, he was a brother and a son, to us. He was special, because he always was his own way, and the best part of it was, that he also knew he was special! I loved that dog, and the people who knew me, knew that I loved that dog. He did something so powerful, that is so hard for me to explain. He was funny, because he did things that other dogs didn’t do. He was special, because he wasn’t really a dog, he was like a smart being with for legs. One morning, I had to wake up really early, because I was in a play, that I had spend months working on it, and before I left the house, I gave a kiss, and promised Cookie that I was coming back home tonight. That afternoon, Cookie died in a car accident. And the most despicable thing was I didn’t cry in that moment, now, every day, I cried for the lost of his death.

I am getting to know the traditions, such as Chuseok, because it reminds me of día de los muertos, like when I was growing up in Guatemala, and I know these holidays are important, beacause it is trying to conserved the values and the people who brought us to these world, and remind us where our ideas and cultures come from. And is important to not forget them, and keep passing it on, otherwise, we would be forgotten. As much is necessary to focus in the future, don’t forget the past, because the past have made us who we are right now, and continue to shape us for the future.

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