When Leaves Began to Fall, (Part 2)

Thursday 5th, woke up early morning by the chilling weather of autumn. I had no plans for today, but the weather begged me to go out. I remembered a memory from last year, that I had gone to a park near few stations from my university, so I thought it would be an exellent idea to go there with one of my dogs.

I decided to take Oro, one of the fourth dogs that I own. His name is Oro, because my mother said that he was the color of mud, but to make him feel worth it, she called him Oro, which means “gold” in Spanish.

I had to take the subway to get there, so I obligated Oro to get into the pink bag, even though he hates getting in the pink bag. I felt powerful, humiliating my dogs is my favorite part of having pets, because he looked so adorable in the bag, I love him so much!


It was quite exciting for both of us, for Oro this would be the first time riding the subway, and this would be my first time taking a pet on a public transportation. It turn out, that being in a subway, was very fasinating for Oro. Whenever he heard the annauncer voice on the speakers, or the subway of the other side arriving, or simply a person passing by, Oro’s ear would got up from excitment or curiosity, it was just too cute.

We finally arrived to our destination, which was Ttukseom Park! I always wanted to come back, but I never had the time to, because I always had an excuse to not take some time and come to this place, but this time I was finally here.KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-10-06-03-06-16

And you bet Oro was losing his damn mind to go for a walk, and mark his territory. You could see it in his goddamn bright smile going on in his face.


We walked and walked. We walked near the river, we walked to the plants, we just walked, and kept walking. It was kind of depressing that the fall had finally arrived, there weren’t beautiful and colorful flowers from the springs, all of them they were death, and now we had to wait for next year to see them back. It is depressing, because it reminds me that another year has passed, and I remember the time I wasted, where I could have spend it with the people who I love and cherish. I don’t know, but since I witness death, it has affected me, more than it used.


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But, lately, feeling genuinely happy, has being my biggest priority, even though I had waste so much time, and knew that one day the people who I used to know, are not going to not be there anymore, so I want to do my best, and try to enjoy the time I have left with.




Thinking about the future, but trying to live in the present, for the once I love.

It was time to go, and when I told Oro, he exactly knew what I meant, and he was definetely not happy about it.


I put him back to the bag of shame, and Oro was too exhausted to fight the bag, so he took his pride away, and stay stilled for the whole ride back home, yet, I still saw some tears coming out from his eyes, and this literally killed me. It was so funny, that I sweared to tell everybody about this situation.


So this concluded the journey to Ttukseom Park. I passed the station every week day, to my way to school, and I hope that I will remember today, and the thoughts I had when I was here. And I also hope to keep the promise to come back again.


When I got back home from that day, I switched my vibe to my holiday vibe, and began to cook some traditional Korean food, and you can follow the recipe from my previous blog, in here.

The rest of the night, I spend it with my brother, eating dinner with him, and talking about football, and games, and old stories. Nothing unusual, but I loved it, because there is nothing better than spending time with the family, right?

It was a long day for Oro too. But deep inside, I know he had fun, and I know he was exhausted and tonight he will dream a dream where he is back with his brother, I know he will.

Good night, dear boy. Good night.


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