A Very Lazy Autumn Day (Part 3)

I guess I should say, that this is the last day of Chuseok. I am kind of sad, mainly because the weather makes me sad. It is cloudy today, and it looked as if it was about to rain. My Homie also messaged me reminding how the weather was cloudy. I thanked him, I needed to be sure that the weather was not on my side today. *sad face* But I am not completely sad, because I cannot wait to get back in track to my routine, where I wake up early, go to school, after, I go to the gym, and finally, get home and do whatever I business I have.


When I woke up, I did my same old  holiday-bad-habit-routine, which consisted of me waking up, and the first thing to do is checking social media, like emails, seeing how my website is doing, and of course, stalking my role models, hehe. I realized that Marzia Bisognin, one of my favorite bloggers, had recently posted a blog. I checked it out, and what caught my interest the most from her blog, was a manga she was reading. So I searched it online, and see if I could have a tiny glimps of it, and yes! I found it! And yes, I spent some time reading it, in my cozy bed, with my fuzzy orange blanket, just like living the life.

I just read the few beginning of the pages, and I loved the manga very much, and I thought of writing a blog about it, so maybe future blog coming soon?

Later on, I felt too lazy, because I was still on bed. So I went to Youtube, to see what was new on the front pages. Conan was back, with one of my favorite segment on his channel, which is Clueless Gamer! Plus, his special guest was none other than Kumail Nanjiani. I adore Kumail, he is one of my favorite people on Earth, and seeing him with Conan, and in Clueless Gamer! I’m dying…

I began to feel kind of hungry, but because I had woken up at 1 in the afternoon, it meant it was breakfast and lunch time! I liked to start my “breakfast” with tea, so today’s tea of the day was, none other, than black tea. And for some reason, I got a great idea today, which was why not put some lemon juice drops to the tea, so I did, and I thought why I had never thought of this before.KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-10-06-18-48-38

I like to eat lean for breakfast, however! It was also lunch, and I was craving for something delicious, and when I got to the fridge, there were so many ideas to make a delicious lunch, and I just said to myself, “Screw it!” and decided to make a very unhealthy lunch. I made lunch with the left overs from the recipe I had done yesterday, plus, I had some tortillas, and I immediately thought of a burrito.

I fried the left overs, and putted it on a tortilla with some corn, and chopped perilla leaves, wrapped it like a burrito, and throw it into the oven. I served it, with some left overs of carrot, cucumber, and apples. And oh, man! It was so good, that I had to make me another one to feel satisfied, and yet! It wasn’t enough.

My mother and brother, were gone out to see my dad, so it was just me, and when I am home alone, it means that there is no mom telling me what NOT to do. So, for fun, I decided to make ice cream! Because cool people make ice cream when their home alone. The ice cream went very well and it was easy to make, so if you want to know how I did the ice cream, you will have to wait until tomorrow, to see the recipe and the final result.



My brother got the new FIFA for PC. We were thinking it on getting FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch, when it had debuted on my birthday. He even said we had to get the game, because he dreamt that he bought the game on his dream, so he called it a destiny to get the game for the Switch. But we did the research, and on the Switch the graphics didn’t look good, like they were very pixelated and it looked better on Playstation, so we decided to wait to get it on PC, now is finally here, and we’re super hyper about it. My brother plays FIFA mainly for the manager mode, so he doesn’t let me play the game depending on his mood, because I can ruin his perfect team. Anyway, but because for us it was the premiere of this game, he let me played it. Also, he taught me one of the many changes that it had, one of them was how the process of buying players became less complicated, and much more easier to get them, than waiting a whole day. I also noticed a lot of changes, I was used to the control format from the previous FIFA game, but in this game, they made it too realistic and too fair. Maybe I just have to get used to it. Beside the gameplay, we also love the majority of music that FIFA chosen for the previous FIFAs, but sadly, the soundtrack of this one wasn’t too good. I hope next time they put some of The Kooks, or other unknown, but good inde band.

This is my problem with me whenever I am playing games like FIFA, I get freaking intense. For some reason, the enthusiasm, it comes naturally. I screamed when my team scores a goal, or cursed when the opposite team plays dirty. I grew up playing and watching football, so this is a sport that I have very much respect to it. Also, only a true fan of football, knows the adrenaline and excitment this sport gives! Maybe I should write an essay about FIFA, I have so many things to talk about this game, maybe I should. I’m not sure, but I’ll think about it.


I had planned a whole day to do for today, but the bad weather and my laziness, took the best of me. But I had a lot of fun at home. I guess this is the end of Chuseok then. Perhaps, next year’s Chuseok will be more exciting, spending more time with the family, who knows. Now, I have to get ready for next week, because I will be back to school, and midterm is starting, and there is so much homework, GOD! So much is going on. Anyway, happy Chuseok, and if you don’t celebrate it, at least I hope you have a great day~



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