A Chimichanga Curry?


One of my favorite food, in this entire world, is the chimichanga. I tried chimichangas once, and that was enough for me to fell in love with it. I would do anything to go back to Guatemala, and go to the restaurant 5 Elementos, and have that vegetarian chimichanga for one more time, like for real! If you don’t know what chimichangas are, just get out! Chimichangas are like the greatest thing that has ever existed, plus, Deadpool’s favorite foods are the chimichangas; this is the only reason that I love Marvels.

Well, one day I had came up with a great idea, “why not make my own chimichanga?” So I did it! And here is the process of how I achieved a legit, but not as legit as 5 Elementos’ chimichanga.

First, you will want to make the curry. The curry I used was a curry I had got it for sale, so lucky me~!

What you want to do with the curry is first add a water in a pan, wait for it to boil, and later add the curry powder. The curry package came also with a chili, so I felt even more lucky, because I am a spicy lover. This is optional, but because I love fragance in food, I added a bit of ginger, to give it a nice fresh aroma to it, yet, but curry is a very strong spice, so I doubt that I would be tasting the ginger. Because I was making a half Indian, and half Mexican food, my chapina instinct hitted me, and decided to add drops of lemon juice, because why not. Now let it boiled until you see that the curry have thicken, then is when you can turn off the fire.

Let’s move on with the rice: chopped in pieces of fresh carrot and onion, throw it to a pan added with whatever oil you are pleased, put a pinch of salt and pepper, and stir it. Oh! I almost forgot to add the green chick peaks, don’t forget the green chick peaks. After frying the vegetables and chick peaks, move on to a bowl, add the amount of rice that it’s necessary, and finally, you can poured those vegetables and peaks together. Mixed it well, and because I’m such a latina, I add corn. I didn’t fried the corns, because I feared that frying them will take the delicious juice of the corn.

This process is the most fun part: in a bowl, put a tortilla, and as if you are about to make a pie, emerged the tortilla inside the bowl. Now secured the tortilla, that there is enough edge to close it, after we add the rice. Do not over filled the tortilla bowl with rice, remember, we want to be able to close it like if it was a burrito. To make it easy, with the oven pan covered the wrapped tortilla and flipped it over, so the filling inside will not pop up. Ready on, put it in the oven, until you see the top of the tortilla becomin golden.

While we wait for the tortilla, you can make some boiled potato. How I like to boil my potato is by first, warming up the hot water in a special electronic tea pot. Then, already having my potatos chopped on a pan, I pour the hot water, and boiled again, so it will boiling more faster.


The tortilla is golden and looking crispy, now, we can called it a legit chimichanga. Put the chimichanga on a preference plate, because it comes the other fun part, which is decorating time! I poured the curry on the side of the chimichanga, and to make it more delicious and beautiful, I added some chopped green onions, and my favorites, perilla leaves. Sprinkle the green onion and perilla over the chimichanga, beside it, put some of the boiled potatos, and also, sprinkle the potatos with some parsley, just to make it fancy. And there you go, and extravagance and bizzared looking chimichanga with curry.

You must be asking about the taste: it doesn’t taste nearly as close as the chimichanga I had back in that day, on 5 Elementos. Yet, I enjoyed it very much. The tortilla, gives it an extra layer of cover from the spicy, which I loved. Also, I thought that rice and tortilla and potato was going to be too much, but it was perfect, and so necessary to make the curry taste, less stronger, and give it that balance when you eat spicy foods.

I had so much fun making this recipe, but I don’t think I would do it again sooner or later, not because of the taste or anything else, is just that it has too many ingredients, and I am a really lazy person, so, yeah. But I would do it again when I am feeling like craving my beloved chimichanga. I heart chimichangas.

Chimichanga is love, chimichanga is life.

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