Banana Ice Cream: Make Bananas Great Again


I’m home alone, with no mother bossing around. So it means COOKING TIME! I had bananas from the previous picnic I went, and I don’t felt like eating raw bananas. In my opinion, bananas are overrated, for some reason they are popular all around the world, but for me, they are not the most mind blowing fruit.

Fun fact: did you know that bananas comes all from the same tree. Yeah, there is one tree, making all the bananas. I knew this fact from my biology teacher, back in 10th grade. He also said that the real bananas have seeds, and back then I didn’t know, but I think he was talking about platanos. If you are a OG Latino, you know what platanos are. Platanos are one of my favorite Guatemalan breakfast food. You served platanos with cream, and some frijoles and pancakes, hmmmm… delicious…

Anyway, moving on with the recipe: you first will need to peel all the left over bananas, and chopped them well, and put it all in a bowl.

While we wait hours, for the bananas to freeze, we can move on to the sweet part. Now, because I don’t like honey very much, and I don’t have some kind of syrup to replace sugar, I had to make my own syrup, but with sugar, I know, don’t judge me, sugar is the only thing I had at home, and I know I could go out and buy some maple or agave syrup, but no, today is lazy day, and I will enjoy my lazy day, period.

You can use honey, if you have, it’s just find, but I don’t like to use honey, beacause I love bees, and they are under extinction, and bees are one of greatest resource where nature can make oxigen for everyone, but like I said, bees are under extiction because of humans’ ego of mass producting. So, yeah, basically this is why I don’t like using honey. But if you want to use honey because is healthy, it’s find, honestly.

I made my sugar syrup, by simply adding water and sugar in a pan, and boiled it in a low heat, until I got the goowy substance that I wanted.

After two hours have passed, I took the bananas out of the freezer, and went straight to the blender. With the bananas on the blender, we can add our coconut cream, or whatever cream you want. If you’re not allergic to nuts, like me, you can add soy milk, or almond milk, or whatever milk you please. Then, you add the sweets, in this case, I will be adding the sugar syrup I had made. Now, all of these together, it is ready to blend! You’ll see that is ready when it looks clean and creamy~


I was pouring the cream in an empty container, when suddenly, a grand idea hitted me. I came up with the idea of adding green tea powder to the other half of cream, so I did! The green color of the green was beautiful, glowy and beautiful, just beautiful~!

Now, I had two types of bananas ice creams. At the end, I was very proud, and happy.

I waited until the very next day to try them, and served it with some chocolate syrup, and the presentation looked even better. And let’s not forget the taste: 10 out of 10!


So this is my easy vegan banana ice cream recipe~ Why not try it, too~?


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