Window Horses – An Artsy and Lovely Picture

“I saw a picture, it speak to me with a thousand words.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.45.42 PM.png

One casual morning, while drinking my tea, and getting ready for school, I left the tv on to watch the first episode of the new season of Bob’s Burger, and it was epic in how they decided to developed the episode, and I don’t feel like spoiling anything, so I recommended to watch it. Anywho, it was only the first episode, and had to wait for the upcoming week to watch the next episode of Bob’s Burger. But, I wanted to keep watching more animations, because sometimes I feel like a kid, and animations keep that inner childness in me. Anyway, while randomly searching on the web, I stumbled across an interesting animation titled, Window Horses. The first thing that caught my attention for me to watch the film, was by the words chosen for the title. The title sound like very poetic and aesthetic combination of words, even though, later while watching the film, it explain that it is about poetry.

The film gave me goosebump from how expressive it was in a very devirses style of art. You will see like some influences of Picasso, and Spanish, Perisian, and many others types of art. The art style changed constantly, that you will noticed it, but not mind, because it moves casualy, and for me, it didn’t distract nor bother me at all.

Also, a lot of colors were added too. Depending of the scene, the style changed altogether with the colors. And rely on the location and the character’s characteristics, colors were the major reason of how I could distiguish the moods and vibes during the film.

The film was not just about visualization, it was about all the five senses. You could see it through colors and shape, also, heard it in the music and sounds. The scenes with poems being narrated were expressed with visuals of metaphores, but one poem in particular was narrated without a voice, just the visual, which for me told me, that you can say a poem, without words but through what the eyes can see.

But what you needed the most to understand this film, was more than your five senses. You needed to understand the message of this film was with your heart. Poetry, in my opinion, is complicated. I like poetry, but I don’t love it, mainly because I belive that poetry is not what used to be, and that’s why I can fully love it. Recently I began to read a collection of poems, by a very popular young woman, who I don’t what to say her name, because I am literally criticizing her, which I don’t want to be but I have to. Anyway, her poems were basic, and poorly put dedication into it, and it’s too obvious, but for some reason people like that. I don’t know, maybe is just not my taste, but I really see poems as something extremely important, yet I can’t take it serious if anyone can write it, and called it art, it is just too pop art, and I hate pop art.

Yet, watching this film, it remind me once again how I should love poetry, and the message to it, is being more opened mind to everything. There were many characters in the film that taught me that there is so much more I can learn from other people, and specially culture.

There was one character named Di Di who considently recembles, one of my favorite artist, Wei Wei. If you don’t know who Wei Wei is, let me explain you: he is a notorious artist from China, he used to hang out with very famous people back in the 90s, such people as Allen Ginsberg. Also, considently the name of Di Di, kind of sound like Wei Wei. Maybe the creators of the film admiresWei Wei, like I do.

“We cannot choose live, but we can shave it. And the meanings makes all sign beautiful.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 9.44.07 AM.png

Also, the film taught me a lot different aspect of different people and culture. I didn’t know that Persia was such a wondeful place, and filled with culture, and that poetry was their greatest pride. I think I didn’t even know about Persia. And Di Di, taught me about the issues of China, in such a poetic way, that makes me think even deeper about the topic. There are so many culture, that I still have to know, and I don’t think I will learn it all with just one life time.

Nevertheless, the message made me realized of how fortune I am on having diversity on me. I was born in Guatemala by Korean parents. But I used to hate having two nationalities, it made me hard to understand who I was, it might sound clichetoo, but I really felt that way. And for some reason, talking from were I came and raised, it is still hard, because people really hurt me while growing up. Yet, I have so much advantage, and I think thanks to my two nationalities I have so many way to express myself, and understand other cultures, and traditons.

“The more you learn about  others, the more you deeper your understanding of yourself.”

Through the end of the story, it becomes darker and darker, until it finally reveals the whole story. I am glad I randomly came across to this film, it was very artsy and lovely, and incredibely therapeutic. I deeply recommend to watch this film, is beautiful as much as it sound.

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