A Simple Song with a Heartbreaking Story

Have you ever listen to a song that is so depressing that makes you sad, even though you’re not? Well, that is the power of music.

The first time I listen to The Letter by Jacob Whitesides, I immediately felt depressed, because it brought me back to those good old days of mine, and then, remembered that they were simply memories from the past.

But is that bad, that our past have become just memories?

Sometimes it does hurt remembering the days that we used to have somebody, but they are not there anymore. I have lost so many people, few to Death, but mostly through time. I remember how those people made me feel, sometimes with anger, sometimes with sadness, and other times, with just pure joy. I would do anything to see the people I have lost, but it angers me that I couldn’t tell them how much they meant when they were with me, and I punished myself sometimes, telling myself why I didn’t say thank you and I love you, or hug them more when I could. Yet, this will always be my problem: I never know what I have until I lost it completely.


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