A Trip to the Bookstore!


I have being going back and ford to the bookstore, mainly because the new book of John Green came out last week, but unfortunately, it is not coming to Korea, so until I get the goddamn book, I will keep going to the bookstore, even though is taking a lot of my time and money, why me? Why me, Mr. Green!?

Anyway, because I had a lot of free time today, instead of just looking if there was the new book of John Green, I thought it would be a great idea if I checked out other books, and honestly, I stumble across many interesting books, so here are some of the books I saw in the bookstore.

Connor Franta is my aesthetic.

I saw the book of Trevor Noah, “Born a Crime”. This man can do everything, he’s funny, super talented and smart. He has all my respect.


Bless the person who wrote this book.


I am not a science person, it has always being one of biggest accomplishment I want to achieve, but it’s just too hard for me. Yet, the fact that there are women who are able and talented enough to understand science, these women are magical to me. One of my favorite and the only woman scientist I know is Ada Lovelance. Just like her lovely name, she was a very smart and brave woman too, who we can admit she was the first person ever to inventing coding.


I also found a book about tips of a successful bookstores, and it was adorable as hell, and I also found a book about F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of my favorite authors.


There was a book that I wanted to read it for quite some time, fortunately, I got the change of get a snick pick of it to my trip to the bookstore. The book name is called “The Little Book of  Hygge”.

I had heard  a lot of good things about this poem book “Milk and Honey”, I didn’t really read it, but I rapidly had a quick look at the drawing sketches, and they were pretty and easthetic.


I am not very interested in reading in Korean, but because I had so much free time, I decided to checked out the Korean section too, and to be honest, some of the book caught my attention, and now I feel like reading some of the Korean books I saw today.

The first corner I found in the Korean section was the Feminist section. In South Korea, we found women empowering really important, seriously, women in Korea as tough as hell, if I were a guy, I will not mess with a Korean women, they are scary as hell.


Truly, why do Korean books have so beautiful book covers? They are genius and creative with the covers, it is such a great trick to make people buy their book.

There was this one book, that had drawing of a girl character, and this character kind of annoyingly looked like me. I think is just me.



I saw a lilac book with a moon. It was a poem book.
More beautiful Korean books~


There was this book written by a notorious Japanese author, who I heard a lot of good things about her, and I thought about buying her book, but right now I am just too poor to buy things. T.T


In this bookstore, they also have a gift shop too. I loved gift shop, I feel like I always find something that I want because is pretty, but don’t really need it.


I loved the vintage postcard that they had. The black and white potographs was very pleasant to look at.


I stumble across with more pink. Hmmm who would have thought.




I found Hatchi, and wanted to take it home.


Fake flowers. But pretty.


I live in Asia, so manga is a huge deal. Of course, I had to passed the manga section.


If you haven’t watch “Your Name”, What are you doing!? Go watch it, right now! Immediately!


Before leaving, one more pink book caught my attention. It was a book about animals, plus plus.

Well I have being really busy because of the mid-terms, but I hope after I am done, I get more time to write in the blog. Seriously, I have so much fun writing and doing things for the blog. Oh well, until next time then.

With love always,




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