The Secret Garden!

When I was in 11th grade, I had to read a book for my literature class. And after reading the book, the teacher asked the class to do a book report project. We could either choose to make an art about the theme of the book we read, or wrtite a short story or an essay, or whatever creative thing that it occured to us. I went to picked up a book in my school’s library, and I came across “The Secret Garden” book by Frances Hodgson Brunette, the librarian told me it was a beautiful book and that I should definetely read it. The book was a children’s book, yet, I must have being 17 or 18, and I still loved it very much. It was easy to read, and at the same time, abundantly magical. I remember I was reading the book during lunch time, and a senior student came to me and commentted that the book was really good, but it was for babies. Anyway, after I finished the book, I wonder what kind of project would be good to do, and I thought why not a poem. So, here’s the poem, that I wrote by the inspiration of a beautiful book I read in eleven grade.

The Secret Garden!

(By Seyoung Yi)


Oh! Robin, Robin,

Come and dare to tell me a secret;

Tell me where is the place,

That you tweet me everyday.


Little girl, first fine the key,

Then I show you the way.

Come on! Come on! Here’s the way!



Eya! Is a wonderful place!

Look at the green grass!

Look at the bulb onion!

Look at the bloody roses!

Indeed, it is a wonderful place.

Oh! There comes my lovely friend, Dickon!



Hello, what thee doin’ here?

And what a stupendous place is here!

How did I got here?

How you got here?

Tell me dear, Mary.



The robin showed me the place!

You can come and admire the beauty, too.

If you promise not to tell elders.



Your secret is safe with me.

Well, now may I should call my friend brutes.

I promise, they won’t tell.

The fox, turtle, cow, including the rabbit. And don’t forget the goats!

Now, let’s admire the garden!

The animals, and you and me!



Eya! Wait! There comes Colin, too!



Hi there, what’s this place?

I can feel magic in here!

Look! I can stand! I can walk!

It’s a miracle! Look at me!

Is the golden sun power!

Makes me feel all this magic in me!

Thank you my dears, thanks you for showing me the place.



You are mustly welcome, my dear cousin!

Now, let’s enjoy the magic,

And make a picnic over the big tree!

Bye, robin!

Thank you for showing me the way to The Secret Garden!

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