My Perky Halloweeny Party

Dear Zeee,

This year, you were able to fully celebrate your halloween dream party! Congratulation, you always wanted to do one and now you’re done it. I know you didn’t celebrate Halloween in the past, mainly because of your religion, and now you are and atheist,  and you can do whatever the hell you want! Hell Yeah!

You decorated your room as you had planned, you wish to do it for the whole house, but remember that this house is not yours, is your parents, and your family are a party pooper when it comes to holiday, and doesn’t late you celebrate holidays, mainly because you have to clean it after the celebration, what a bunch of lazysss. I wish they have the enthusiasm like you have for these holidays.


You included your idols, of course, and always. The prince of Rock and Roll, and the queen of Hollywood. Decorated with some very, VERY, spooky ghosts to acompany the fellas.


And your idol of all time had to be there too. The one and only: James Dean. You also acompany him with a spooky ghost~👻


Filled a spider bowl with some delicious and one of your favorite treats, because why not~ and you gotta treat YO SELF!😉😉KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-10-31-13-06-22

You also came with a random but spectacular idea of decorating the mirror as a spider web, brilliant!!

IMG_8775 2

After you were done, you treated yourself even more, with a green plum tea, hmmmmmm~Why does green plum tea has to be so damn delicious? Also, in a pumpkin craved face mug. And you waited patiently for the next day to celebrate the grand day.

FullSizeRender 2

The next day came up, and it was Halloween! The previews day, Heidi, your best mate, decided to come to celebrated with you. We decided to watch this strange film called Eraserhead directed by David Lynch, but it was too weird so we decided to watch Annabelle instead.


Heidi decided to dress up as Annabelle, do the whole makeup thingy and costume, and you bet, she looked so like Annabelle, she took the best Halloween costume of this year, but I promise I will take it next year, you better believe it.


You didn’t have a lot of time to choose your costume, so you went with what you had in your closet, and funny enough you pulled a costume of Jughead from Archie. But it wasn’t quite enough as good as Heidi’s.


I also tried to become the legendary Prince, by wearing two round sunglasses.


The thing was that you had a grand day with your best mate, that it’s all it matter. And shout out to Heidi, because she made the whole day even more special.

You really enjoyed this year Halloween, and I hope you do the same next year, or even better.

With love always,



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