Freddie Mercury – My Queen

I used to be in a band when I attended church, it must had being when I was in middle school. I was the main vocalist of the band, but this is not what I want to go with this story, because I am still a terrible singer, and who cares of my failure attempt of becoming a singer. What I want to tell from this story is how one day during the band practice, the pastor’s son-in-law, who was also the band’s director and coach, gathered me and the members of the band altogether, and made us sat in front of a tiny PC monitor, and played us a Youtube video. Back then, I just thought that what I was watching  was just a twenty-one minute video of a man with a creepy moustache, singing on stage. Just a simple concert I said to myself. But this video, turns out that is one of the greatest moment of the Rock and Roll history; the band of Queen performing their biggest hits, in front of their biggest audience, or perhaps, any audience ever. It is ashame that I didn’t know who Queen was back then, but what can I do, I was young and young people know nothing, am I right?

“I won’t be a Rock Star. I will be a legend.”

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Here’s the thing: good music, you stumble across with it, but legit music, you get to be taught. The band’s coach, while playing the video, he told us the background story of it, he told us how the stage was over-filled with people, and how exhausting it is to perform not just one but many songs. I could heard the excitment in his voice, just like the way he was saying all this things, I didn’t put a lot of importance to it, but now I watch that video again, and it is really emotional, and what makes it even more powerful is that it was the last performance of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the band. And this is why I am writing this blog: to remind you about people like him, people who become more than a role model to yourselves, people who can become your queen.

Freddie Mercury

I don’t want to talk about the sad part of Freddie Mercury’s life, like the fact he had AIDS, and how short his life was due to this illness, because beside all the tragedy on his life, he was fabulous and legendary until his very end, and what makes it even more spectacular is that he chose it to be that way, and that is why he is someone who I admired and so does a lot of people who knows about him.

Today, November 24th, marks 26 years of losing this legendary man, but he will never be forgotten. Why, because he touched hearts, and he will keep touching many other hearts, because his legacy is already written and printed, he left us his talent to studied him, make up something with it, and through this, I have learned from him is that life shouldn’t be about following the rule, it should be about if you have something good, show it to the world, make it yours, teach other, and never forget to be fabulous. Be everything, except being boring.

This year, I explored beyond this great man. I knew about him, but I wasn’t aware about his life. It was a pleasure to get to know him, and I am grateful that life gave this man to this world, so this year, even though I kinda celebrate thanksgiving, I want to thanks Freddie Mercury for getting to know him. If the other world even exisist, and he is listening, I hope he knows how much I am grateful for him. Thank you Freddie Mercury, you changed my life.

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