Bang Bang Baby – A Town of Freaks

Lately, I have being into musicals, singing and dancing, and even over doing the Jazz hand. If you don’t know what Jazz hand is, well it’s when you held your hands high and shaked them as if they were sparkly stars. I even thought of going to singing classes for this winter vacation, and maybe I would go to some auditions. I feel so phony, because I think singing is not a real and easy way to get an income, and also a not great way of getting a career oportunity. But, I was going through my past, and I realize that I always was into music, and even though I didn’t say to myself “Oh, I am going to do theater, and become the next Sharpay Evans” I think deep inside, I knew this was what I liked. Mainly because of the tv influence, it wasn’t just High School Musical that infected me with its musicality, but Nickelodeon also did it, also like Glee did it, oh! Let’s not forget about Hairspray! I thought theater was stupid, and didn’t care much about it at all. Now, I dream of New York, and sing my heart out, ever goddamn day.

So, my quirky heart was aching for a musical, and I have a whole list of films I wanted to watch, but I was reading an article about a musical in New York titled Hello Again, and it is a musical in a film, so if this film ever comes out, I wish to watch it, but for now, it isn’t available, so I’ll wait. Anyway, this article said that this film kind of did references, such as Into the Wood, and this perky film Bang Bang Baby. How this article described the film Bang Bang Baby as “modest” and “quirky” I was like, “Oh, this is my kind of film!”, so I watched the trailer, and it did looked modest and quirky. I found it, downloaded it, and began watching it, and you know what, it filled my heart with joy.

If my life was a musical, Bang Bang Baby will be my kind of musical. A girl with a dream of becoming a star, being destroyed by a father, and having boys fighting for her love, Ah wee~ just my kind of film. I also loved the style of film, trying to make it artsy, which really worked and I could see some Blade Runner reference into it, so two thumbs up!

Oh, but the story of it, is more than a cliche love story, it had its philosophy, and having a good eye into it, it felt necessary. While watching the film, I was lost into the cinematographies, and the shots, and the catchy melodical music. Some parts felt confusing, and not real at all, but if you see it as a big ball of metaphore, you can kinda tell what they want to express.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I want to share what I learned from this film. If you watch this film, you learned it is about dreams being shattered, basically is just pure reality. But even life doesn’t go the way we want, we can still dream about it, and you will realize that life will keep you motivated to keep living, because something always come up. Like when Stephy, the main character of the film, is about to put her baby out from life’s misery, she asked the baby, why is life the way it is, and the baby just explains that doesn’t know, she realized that that baby just gave her the motives.

This film is so dark, as much as beautiful as it can be. I am kind of dissapointed that this film doesn’t get a lot of attentions, but you know, that’s just life: the rich and big once are always above the small and unrich once. If someone out there decide or have watch this film, I hope they shared the same thought about it.

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