Dear Mexico and U.S.A,

This blog entry is not going to be my typical happy and perky entry, instead, I am going to write about something that had taken over my head and in a really sad way, since few days ago. Last week, after having dinner with my brother, he brought his tablet to the table and showed me a Youtube video by Vox, about the security border issues going on the Northern side of the world. I feel the necessity of talking about this issue, because it is happening in the country I was born and grew up, and just because I don’t live there anymore, it is not stopping me for caring about it. So let me explain:

Let’s start by summarising the Vox’s video: I cannot explained it as well as the video, so I recommended to watch it first, and then read my point of view. But the main points I took from this video were that people from the Central America, especially, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, are migrating from their own countries because of death threats, because you have to have in mind, these countries are third world countries, so there is no fair system that could defends the humans’ right. Anyway, these migrants have to cross first the border between Mexico and Guatemala, and then travel all the way from Mexico to get to the United States. And here’s where the problems begins, these people get detain when they are about to cross the United States’ border, and after being caught, they get send back to where they have come from, and we kind of have an idea of what happens next: the ugly truth. The United States saw the increase of immigration, few years back, so they proposed to Mexico to created a method where immigration didn’t happen so easily, which it did happened, and it was succesful, but just for Mexico and the United States. The immigrants keeps trying to escape and sufferes by the rough way to get by it, even though they knew that the path to America became more harder to cross. And the simply reason that they are running away from their own countries, is so they can save their lives, that’s it.

Being mad or pointing fingers at Mexico or the United States won’t be a great way for a proper solution, even though they are a huge reason at this issue. But you have to understand that it’s also the fault of the countries’ governments itself. I said this by experiencing it myself. Countries like Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are places with a lot of history, perfect wheather, it’s just a magical place that I am proud of growing up in a place like that, but living there it was awful. Waking up every day, it was like survival. Every morning, when I saw my dad leaving home to get to work, I prayed to God, “Lord, please don’t take away my dad from me, not today please.” Having this kind of fear from a young age, it really scarfs you for live. And I don’t blame the gangs or the people with bad intention, because we are all doing the same, which is to survive. The people who I blame is the people who don’t care for the better of their own country.

I used to take the bus in high school, and every ride from school to home, I always noticed outside the bus’s window, that what made the country of Guatemala such a dangerous place was that there are the rich and wealthy area for people with privilage, and when you leaved this area, outside this line, there it was: the hungry once, the once who couldn’t send their kids to school, because they couldn’t afford it, the once below the rich once. Guatemala has always being the same: the rich versus the poor. They hurt each other, it was the same war, the rich took advantage of the poor once, and the poor once stole from the rich once.

I can see a solution for this war, and it is the government doing their job. The government in Central America is very corrupted. Rich people paying the government for personal reasons, and securing the poor to stay poor. It breaks my heart, and I want to clear that I don’t pick side from the rich or poor, just the same as the government, because the government also have the gun pointed in their heads. And this is when countries like Mexico and the United States should interrupt.

Mexico and the United States have a lot of power due to being large countries, which is the reason people from Central America are trying to ask for help. But for some reason, they blind their eyes to these small countries. I know it is not their responsabilities, but Mexico, come on, you signed a promise to help these tiny countries, keep the promise.

And dear Americans, many people knows you for wanting to be in every part of history, (like The Korean Civil War, as same for World War II). And Central America is giving you the chance of being a part for this one, so please, send some help.

I don’t have a lot of power, but I will speak for my people, because I care and I have being there, and it is painful to see my beautiful country hurt, and not being able to do anything, so the only thing I can do is to speak my words.

¡Viva Guatemala, al igual a todo Centro America!


Zelda Yi

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