Tommy – Music Never Stops!

Tommy is a film that can be describe as what a truly a live musical would be like: music none stop and without any meaning. Literally, I didn’t found any meaning, nor message after done watching this film. The only thing I got from it was the catching music, and it goes like this, “Tommy can you hear me? Can you feel me near you? Can I help you cheer you?”

I recognized a lot of famous faces and legendary names in both the film and music industry, such as Elton John, Jack Nicholson, and Tina Turner. I had heard about Tina Turner, but I had never seen any of her performances, so it was really excited to know who she was, and what she was known for. Honestly, Tina Turner gave an splendid performance, and now I can say that I respect her. But did you know that the role that Tina Turner had in this film, was given first to none other than David Bowie. I feel guilty saying this, but I kind of see Bowie in Turner’s role, and I can see him making a great replacement from her, so sorry not sorry Tina Turner. It’s just that Bowie was a grandiose person, and having her role, he would have nailed it, and I would have wanted to see that.

Oh, but what I cannot get out of my head from this film was this gorgeous and extraordinary actress, Ann-Margret. Just like her name sound, she was beautiful, I mean, my mind was blown. She knew to do everything, from singing, to dancing, she was just pure perfection.

Ann-Margret, why haven’t heard from her sooner? I am a harsh critique when it comes to past actors and actresses, because back then, acting used to be different, but Ann-Margret’s performance, I think this generation in the film industry needs more talent like Ann-Margret. Show business is what this woman has, seriously! She stole the stage, the film wasn’t centered in her character, but she genuinely stole the show. All eyes where on her!

I want to study this woman much more deeper, so I have decided that for this upcoming days, I will be watching more about her performance, and doing research on what she has done, and what kind of person she is. Really, she deserves my full attention.

Oh, and about the film, well, it was interesting, but I have nothing much to say about it, but I can only say it was crazy~! And if you are a weirdo just like me, you will find it quite interesting, so I recommended to check it, yet, be ready to questioning what it’s going on.


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