On the Road – My Kind of Adventure

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” -Jack Kerouac


I have read so many great books, that I have a list of all the books I have read, to be honest, it’s really short, but I love keeping track of them. And if someone would ask me to choose one favorite book among all of them, it would be very hard for me to choose. I am thinking on posting a blog with all my favorite books, but there is something you should know about me, and it’s I don’t give it away all at once, *wink*, I like to take my time to show my tastes.

So, I will reveal you one of my favorite books on this blog, and this special book is called On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

I don’t exactly remember how did I get to pick up this book, it just caught my attention for some reason. A fact you should know about this book is that it is a national treasure for the English Literature community, so I have to be very serious and be careful with my words when I am sharing my opinions for this book, so wish me luck.

Anyway, I read this book a long time ago, but I won’t forget how it made me feel. The writing style was messy, running sentences, spelling and grammar mistakes, just a mess. But this mess was what made it beautiful. Every word was honest and poetic, and just magnificent! Each sentence written as if had magic in it, you feel like your with Jack, right beside him. His words are like eyes that guides you to an adventure.

“In my old age,” [Kerouac] wrote, “I intend to collect all my work and reinsert my pantheon of uniform names, leave the long shelf full of books there, and die happy.”

I am a hopeless romantic, and if I could write a book, I wish I could write it like Jack Kerouac. But of course, first I would have to go into an epic adventure just like Jack did.

Jack Kerouac lived a bizarre life, but he lived it right, that I have to tipped my hat, because I have so much respect for him, honestly. If you read the book, it might sound like fiction, but he really got into all of what he had written.

There is a part on the book, or maybe was just in the film( cause I also had watched the film, really disappointing) and the main character and narrator, Sam, is too poor to buy cigarettes, that he goes in the street to pick up used cigarettes to smoked the leftovers at least. And this part made me really emotional, because my dad once told me a story of him being really poor that he used to take cigarettes from the ground to have a moment of the taste of tobacco. Poverty doesn’t sounds fun at all.

Something else that I liked of his book, was this character Dean Moriarty, who is based in a real person who Jack had met during his college years. Dean is this crazy and selfish character who takes Jack into a journey. Jack Kerouac idolized this man, even though Dean doesn’t care a bit for the people surrounding him, but Kerouac see the passion of life on him, so taking interest in this person, it is chance that comes rarely. Kerouac reminds me of myself, falling for the adventures once, the one who are mad to live, yet, not realizing that they are going to break us, messed up with our lives to the point we have nothing.Related image

You know, I used to be idolized this people who were beautiful and adventurous, just epic people, but it was always the same with these people: they only cared about themselves. These people have broken me deeply, and it took me a lot to recovered, but at the end, it was a great experience, because I learned a lot, what to do and not to do from them. Like for example, try something new, and don’t be scared, was something I took from them. What I didn’t took from this people was never to pushed away the people who will be there for you, perhaps, they might be the only people you will be counting for at my worst.

Anyway, my conclusion is that I loved this book, it taught me a lot, and maybe if you read it you will learned something from it, too.


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