The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Meet the Game of this Year

I was super excited for this game when it came out last year, but there wasn’t a person as excited as my brother was. Literally, the moment that the Nintedo Switch was able to buy, my brother begged months in advance for us to get it, together with the game of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. When it was finally in his positions, the happiness on him, was complete. He has been playing the game none stop, and successfully complete all the tasks in this game, multiple times.

I could write a review about this game, because I am a big fan of this franchise, yet, I think my brother deserves to share his opinion more than I do. So, my brother has volunteer to write a review of this game for my blog, and surely, I can give him the spotlight for this one. For the celebration of this year’s game of the year, I present you my brother and his review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


A Review: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


By: Jin Woo Yi

As someone who has played The legend of Zelda since Ocarina of time I can say that Breath of the wild has completely changed everything we know about the Zelda games we have played so far. many people do not like changes but Breath of the wild changes everything in a good way.


In this new Zelda your completely free on how you want to play the game and the game basically shows you in the beginning the massive world of Hyrule, you will spend most of your time exploring the vast landscape of Hyrule searching for shrines or where is the next quest location.

Breath of the wild has change its whole mechanic, removing items like the famous “hook”. Instead of this item you now must pick your weapons and they will break after certain amount of use, so you want to use them wisely. But not just the items have been changed but they also have changed how dungeons work, usually when you do a dungeon you have to follow an order to advance, like enter various rooms solve the puzzle and get the key to enter the final boss. Breath of the wild handles dungeons different. Dungeons on Breath of the wild don’t have just one pattern but multiple solution. 


Also, new features like  weather mechanic have been added so it affects your gameplay    like if you’re on a hot or cold environment it would affect Link in some way.



In my opinion, the strongest point of Breath of the wild it’s the story. Throughout the Zelda franchises you might expect Zelda to be the main character or at least have a lot of time in the game as her name is in the title. But on many games, Zelda barely appears or doesn’t appear at all. Something that Zelda games lack is to give us a reason to care about Zelda, the only reason they give us is that she is a princess and you must save her. But In breath of the wild Zelda is not the typical perfect princess we are used to.

In Breath of the wild Zelda is the most complex and develop character in the game having an interesting relationship with Link, in the beginning of the relationship between Zelda and Link being bad because he reminds her of her failures as Urbosa mentions it on one of the memories and she is hasn’t been able to complete her prophecy.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.48.14 AM.png

As you start recollecting Link memories back you start seeing how the relationship between Link and the other character progresses especially Zelda.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.50.09 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.52.02 AM.png

                                                                                     A Zelda game is not complete without the famous villain Ganandorf or asthe game calls it Calamity Ganon. But sadly, there isn’t much to talk about Ganon  except what we know from the past Zelda games and that he took the form of a beast, that’s it.


 Another character I would like to talk about and I hope they show us more in the DLC is  Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.58.52 AM.pngMipha.

Mipha is such an interesting character sharing a  relationship between Link since their childhood, and I want to know how they met each other.



Zelda may not be the most impressive game in term of graphics but the art style of the game is so beautiful that you wont dislike the visual of the game. On youtube I saw a video comparing Breath of the wild against Horizon zero dawn, and yes horizon zero down comes far better than Breath of the wild graphic wise. But Breath of the wild wasn’t meant to be compared against games like Horizon zero dawn but against past Zelda games and what Nintendo achieve here is really impressive with the hardware they had to work with.

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Did Breath of the wild deserve to win GOTY?

So in the end, the question is does Breath of the wild deserved to be the game of the year and I can’t quite be a judge here because I haven’t played the other nominated games, but this game is so good that I really can’t say that it doesn’t deserve it. Yes, has somebody who has played past Zelda games I do miss some things of those games but Nintendo completely approached the game differently and they nailed it. And I totally would recommend this game. If you own a wii u or a switch this game is a must have you, wont regret it.


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