A Early Christmas Gift For Myself


I don’t have many friends, and my parents aren’t Christmas people, so I decided to treat myself, and used Christmas to buy a lot of stuffs that I need and do not need. Here’s some of the things I got for “Christmas” to myself~


For my treat myself list, I got candies! Wheeee~ Sorry, but I couldn’t contain my inner child. Jelly Belly was what I got first, and the reason I got it, was simply because it said Ice cream Mix, and I couldn’t resist in getting them. Together with the jelly belly, I got Pop Rocks, because for some reason, it remind me of my childhood. You may ask about the taste, and honestly, it tasted purely sugar, so I didn’t like it so much. Oh, well~

Oh, before I move on, there was something cool about the Jelly Belly, and it was that had different flavors, like Apple Pie, and Birthday Cake. And I thought it was really cool, but they didn’t taste as amazing I thought it would taste.





I had to try the Arizona tea, I have tried other flavors before, such as Peach flavor and raspberry, which both of them taste very good. When I tried it, it was okay, I could taste a tiny bit of tea, mostly tasted like water with sugar.


The next product is also a beverage: it is Green Plum juice! Frankly, I already had green plum juice, and this brand is the best green plum juice I ever had so far.

I also got a Gudetama screen cleaner sticker! to be honest, I only bought it because of the butt, it’s so adorakable, awwwww~


For my final product, it was one of the things that I really need it, which is a diary. For two consecutive years, I had bought diaries, and didn’t filled neither of them. In 2014, I did filled a diary, which I still have it, and going back to read it, I get to see my old me, I really like to visit my old me, because I got to remember how I used to be, and how much I change, and I realized that there are many aspect from back then that has been lost from me.

I hope that I’ll be capable of keeping this diary fill next year, I want to keep track of how I feel in my everyday life.

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