Call Me By Your Name – Peach


Take me to Italy, somewhere. Rome. Venice. Wherever, but take me there. I want to breathe the air where the culture is, where history began, and the food, God, the food~ I know is Winter, so let me feel the breeze of Summer, Summer awaits me, please, I want to be there, I’ll go there.

I have chosen the most extraordinary, overwhelming, and exotic book of this year, and it is: Call Me By Your Name. How I had decided to read this book was by the lovely and only, Troye Sivan. He tweetted in his account, -I think it was last week,- of how he had loved this precious book, and how shortly took him to read it, like literally, he read it in 6 hours. His tweet reminded me of me, I also do the same when I found that book where I become so in love with it that I finish it too quickly, because the page after page, is so intense, and the purest joy, and even though I put the book down, I automatically pull it back into my sight.

Call Me By Your Name is something I had never encountered in a book, or perhaps, I had never read before. The author, André Aciman, wrote the story as how would I want to write a story one day. He wrote it as if each sentence was a wave of the ocean, that hits you gently, goes away, and returns with either a gentle kiss, or an erotic, or rough fresh wave. So fluid, no reason to stop, to go back if what you read was correct, only go back to experience it again. Aciman is a romantic, no need to meet this man, he said it with the words he chose to write his story.

What is it about this book that moved me so much? Well, it is a love story, a gay love story. But really, do I really needed to be gay to read this book? Maybe. This book awakens and melted away my cold icy, Winter heart, welcoming me to a story of a seventeen year old boy, in his Summer days, once upon a time, where he discovered what he never imagined he encounter with, a man name Oliver. The story of this young boy, Elio, and Oliver,  would be what I called, the perfect Summer love story. And yes, somewhere very deep inside me, a tiny part of my queer heart was awaken.

Coincidentally, I knew about the movie before the book. When the trailer of this book was freshly uploaded in Youtube, I already had fallen in love with it, and was really looking forward for the film. Now, that it came out last month, people are talking about it, even rumoring that it will catch the attention of the Academy Awards.

To be frank, as much as the book, the film deserves the positive attention. Not just the story and its theme was grandiose and beautiful, everything in it was an A plus, the film style, the interaction between the character, how naturally was let to fly, and no pressure was obligatory to watch this film. Watching the film, it took me back to my Summer vacation trips that I detest as a young girl, but now I wanted to go back, and enjoy it, because now as grown up, I missed it a lot.

When the book and film were ended for me, I felt empty. This is the cons and pros of reading that special book, is like you are falling in love, but then fades away with time, and next, you continue to move on with your life, waiting perhaps, for the next romance. Oh, if only someone could make me feel the adrenaline and passion that books like Call Me By Your Name did, just for a moment, I would die happy. Maybe one day, I hope.


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