A Teeny-Tiny Cat Named Birdy


Happy New Year! I really meant to come back and write as many blogs as I could to start this new month, because there was so much to talk about, and so many new things that I wanted to shared. But there was this teeny-tiny friend keeping me busy for the entire month. This friend’s name is, Birdy the kitten.

Since a very long time, I wanted a cat. I had cats in the past, but I had to let them go, due to my mom’s bizarre and deathly allergy reaction on them. The two times that I had to give up my cats, I was devastated, because there has never being any pets that I had owned, and loved me as much as those cats had loved me.

I used to hate cat, I have always being in dogs side, because I only had owned dogs as pet. But one day, my mom, brother and I, went to a mall known as Cemaco, back in Guatemala. My mom stopped in front of the pet shop, and stared through the mirror, this tiny kitten playing around and having the joy of his life. My mom said to us, if we wanted a cat. The fact of having a new pet, I was content. I just jumped up and down, even though I was a dog person back then, I didn’t care, I was happy of bringing a new animal into my life. Mom bought the kitten, it was like 20 quetzales, but while holding the kitten, mom sneezed a bit, and she said to the workers, that she was allergic to cats, and the workers immediately blessed her, they didn’t want the client to not bought the kitten. And I still can remember that sneeze, because I didn’t realize how that sneeze will become one of the many horrible allergic reaction that my mother would have in the future.

Mom gave herself an excuse to have a cat, she said that she needed to train and a get used her body to become immune towards cat’s allergic reaction. But it didn’t work as she planned it. Her face inflamed like a tomato, her eyes were constantly watery and red, her longs didn’t let her breath, sneezing all the time. She only lasted two weeks with the cat, and so, we gave away our cat.

I just remember how that cat made me feel, one time she didn’t want to part away from me, while I was working on my laptop. The cat kept standing on the keyboard, which I let it do it. But my brother came, and asked me that he wanted to hold the cat, so I told him to take the cat away, when he grabbed the cat, the cat didn’t want to let go of the laptop, and when my brother pulled it, the cat ripped some of my keyboards. I was so furious in that moment, but now, it is just a great memory of mine, sometimes, I repeat this story to my brother, and he laugh is when I tell him.

The second cat, I don’t remember how we got it, maybe someone had given it to my mom, or something. With this cat, I also had become too attach with it. I loved this cat so much, that it was allowed to sleep on my bed, yet, even though it pee on the bed. Rosa, my house keeper, hated this cat. This cat, always slept near my head, and I loved when she purred, it was like having a message for my head. Yet, mom’s allergy came back, when my dad saw this, he wanted the cat gone. I remember the last night with this cat, Rosa didn’t want it to sleep over the bed, so she told me to tied it up near somewhere the bed. But the cat began to cry, it was telling me that it wanted to sleep on the bed, the whole night, it meow, until, I let it sleep on my bed. The cat purred, while sleeping on my head, and I cried, because I didn’t want to let this friend go. It was a rainy night, and I felt like the sky had understood my feelings that night.

Having this memories of my precious cats, made me want to have a cat, again, yet, in the back of my mind, I had the image of my mother’s allergic reaction. But, at the end of last week’s month, I was determined to get a cat, after finding out that William S. Burrough, one of my recent favorite author, owned like 20 cats, and then reading a book called Of Cats and Men, I needed a cat in my life. So getting a cat was a goal for my new year’s resolution.

I did research, because I had heard about people who had cat allergic, but could be treated with some medicine. And I also thought that it would be a perfect timing to get a cat, because usually  my mother didn’t hang around at home often, due to her job. My brother kept telling me that it was a bad idea, and one Sunday, we secretly went to a place where kitten could be adopted, and when I tried to adopt a kitten, my brother called mom, and she was pissed. So that night, we came with empty hands, and I was sad. The next week, I tried again, but this time, I did it my myself.

When I got to the place, they had told me that the kitten I had called for the previous day, was gone. I had asked for a female white kitten, but the only one left, was this male Scottish fold white kitten. This kitten was ill, yellowish mucus was running through his nose, some of his hair was falling apart, and looked like if he had trouble breathing. I was about to leave, because I already planned to name the kitten Birdy, which I believed it was for a female cat, and also, having an ill cat, just thinking about it, and having a high chance of getting attach to this kitten and see him dying, I couldn’t handle it.

But, for some reason, my head told me, that I wouldn’t have another chance to get a cat, it was now or never. So I told them “yes” for this kitten. And I was off to go with this tiny fellow.

But my journey home with this tiny ill kitten, had me anxious. I began thinking of how mad my brother will react, and how mom will be mad and tell to give the kitten away. I was sweating my whole ride home.

When I got home, my sense were right, my brother got furious. He told me that mom will kill me if she saw the cat, and I was on my own when she came back home from work. He made me more anxious that I already was. Time was passing too fast, I was preparing myself to what was I going to do when mom arrived, if I should be hiding the kitten in my room. When mom finally arrived, I wasn’t ready, yet, I pull up my guts, and got up, (with the kitten) and went toward the front door to welcome home my mom. I told my mom surprise, and show her the kitten. Right in that very moment, my heart began pounding, and my mother’s reaction, it was terrifically unexpected. She smiled and said “hi” to the kitten, and when she tried to pet him, but I told her no, thinking that  her allergic reaction might come back. Apparently, my mom was in a great mood that day, which I am very thankful.  So keeping the kitten wasn’t a problem, the future became a problem.

Few days passed, and I started to regret of getting Birdy. Because of his illness, I thought too much about the future. Birdy wasn’t showing the affection like my previous cats had show me, and not only that, having an ill animal, makes you anxious, because you have to constantly put attention to this animal in need.


But days have passed, and the kitten is just amazing. He eats more than he used to eat than he did in the beginning, he immediately became friends with my four dogs, specially with the Maltese named Subak, exploring new things and places seems like his hobby, he enjoys playing and jumping around. Birdy is just pure joy to me, and I’m glad that I brought an animal in need, I wish other people did this: helping animals in need, because it feels so good that you’re saving someone else rather than yourself.

I kept his name as Birdy, even though I planned this name to for a female cat, so I could say “Lady Birdy” when I called the cat. But things happened and I got a male one, yet I want to keep calling him Birdy, because Birdy it means Bird, right, and I want my cat to be like a bird, to represent freedom, and becomes the metaphor of flying far, far away and be everywhere except being in the same place. Birdy, the cats, it’s my new friend’s name.




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