Time Travelling: Would You Do it?

I bet anyone in this world has ever thought of wanting to go to the past and fix that moment you wished you had fix it, or just go back because you miss that certain past? Me too. There is so many mistake in my past, so many promises I didn’t make, so many things and people and places I miss, if only, I could go back and revive it all again. Time has been my worst enemy, much more than death has ever being.

When I was young, let’s say during my puberty phrase, I watched two films that became my sources to understand and declared what does time defines to my life, and why is it important to be careful, treat it wisely, and do not take it for granted. These films are really old, and for some reason, they have terrible reviews, which I can’t understand why. Honestly, these films taught me something valuable, and I don’t know if it is because Hollywood made it, or because I was young and every film I watched back then was trashy, yet I liked them. I do sincerely admit that these films opened my eyes, and through this blog, I tend to explain why and how. If I convince you, I hope you check these films out, and have the same or different perspective of mine.

I remember randomly founding this film, while I was going through all the channel on my tv, – have in mind, that back then, internet was for the minority, now days, we want to watch a film, we type it on the search bar, and there we go. This film I found was titled The Time Machine. The title catch my attention, because I had read a book with the same title. therefore, I thought that maybe this film would be the same as the book I read, which became the reason to keep watching the film. Only the few minutes at the opening captivated me, the rest, not that much. The summary of the opening is this: Is the year 1899, a young scientist man, trying to prove that time travel is possible, he is on search for that perfect formula to get him to his goal, he is certain about it. Until that night happened; His fiancée, who loves him dearly and believes in him, goes out for a date night, only for his fiancee to be killed by a thief who just wanted her belonging. The scientist devastated by his fiancée’s death, determine even more to find the formula to time travel, which he does by creating a time machine. This machine took him to the time where he wanted be, to the time where his fiancee would be about to be killed. But even though he goes to the past, and changes the path where the thief would come to attack her fiancee, she still got killed by a horse running through her. He tries over and over again, traveling to the past, but every time he does, her fiancee keeps dying in different paths. Exhausted and broken, he tries what it seems as his last hope: travel to future, find a way to save his fiancee, like he wants to find a cure for death. And the rest of the film, is about he gets stuck in the future, can’t return back, and stay in that time.

The second film, it’s called The Butterfly Effect. I remember looking for this film on YouTube, because I was a huge fan of Logan Lerman back then, I wanted to watch all the films where he was on it, – I know, very pathetic. But this film turned out to be really good, I wasn’t disappointed as many people where about it. The film had almost the same plot as The Time Machine. It was about a man, who is in love with this girl, they are happy together, until one day the man gets in an accident that hit him on the head, but this accident gave him the power to go back in the past, and through his power he travels back and ford to save the love of his live. Yet, doesn’t matter how many times he travel to the past, his present becomes worst and worst, it’s just like that saying, “with great power comes great responsibilities.” He is unable to stop the madness on his present, including of how it affects his lover. At the end of the film, I remember how memorable that ending was: the man decided to go to the past, and chose never have met the girl he abundantly love, so she can be save. And the scene ends in the present, where the man cross by the girl who he used to know and love, only to be walk by, like strangers who never met. He smile at the end.

These two films taught me that the passed is already written, leave it as it is. So many times, I go back to my memories, to my pass, and how dearly I miss it. I have past memories where I could have hugged, loved, said the things to the people who matter to me and they are not here with me anymore. I miss how the things were too big as a little girl, I miss my old house, I miss my dead dog, I miss when mom was young, or dad was strong. There is also regrets, I regret for not standing up for myself when people mocked me, I regret for failing as an older sister, I regret saying the things I didn’t mean. Mistakes, regrets, lost, the past looks so far away, almost like if they had never existed. But they are there, some as hunting memories, some as joy, other as sadness, yet, they still there.

I go to the past, because it reminds me of where I come from, and how I became who I am right now. If what I went through, I changed it some way, would I have known that those things had matter to me? No. If a mistake I had made in the past, I go back and fix it, how would I learn I had made a mistake? I will still make the mistake in some other way. It feels like it is pointless to going to the past to fix a mistake, eventually, you will be making it in the future, right?

I found the things and people valuable, after having losing them. But back then, when I had it, I didn’t know I was going to lose them, or did know, but never imagine how not having them now, would hurt and hunt me till this day.

Another film, that I might be talking in the upcoming future, is Interstellar. In this film, I found a point, time is there, but love is not. Maybe the universe out there, doesn’t care about love, or perhaps, doesn’t even have such thing as love, only time, which is walking further, just further. But we, humans, we know we have them both: time and love. We give existence a motive, to any event we found it intimating to each one of us, is important to us, we care, we love, we know, is there, we created it, and keep creating it.

If you ask me, if I would time travel, my answer is no. I care too much about my past, I want to experience what I used to have, and I also curious about the future, a future I will not be there, and very much want to see it, yet, I have grown to realize that the now is what I actually should be focus on. I have plans, but I don’t know if I would make it. I have my family, who I know I would not have them at some point, so I love them when I still have them. Just say thank you for everything that you have in the moment, live in the moment, don’t go around saying that you want to be famous, or become somebody, be who you are now, don’t waste that time.

And you? If you could, would you travel through time?

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