Time Travelling: Would You Do it?

I bet anyone in this world has ever thought of wanting to go to the past and fix that moment you wished you had fix it, or just go back because you miss that certain past? Me too. There is so many mistake in my past, so many promises I didn’t make, so many things and people and places I miss, if only, I could go back and revive it all again. Time has been my worst enemy, much more than death has ever being. Continue reading “Time Travelling: Would You Do it?”

Tommy – Music Never Stops!

Tommy is a film that can be describe as what a truly a live musical would be like: music none stop and without any meaning. Literally, I didn’t found any meaning, nor message after done watching this film. The only thing I got from it was the catching music, and it goes like this, “Tommy can you hear me? Can you feel me near you? Can I help you cheer you?”

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Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie – My Nostalgic Crush Comeback

Oh, boi~ Last night my brother and I just finished watching the super expected film of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, and if you are a 90s kids, had no life, and only watch tv as a child, you will know what the Hey Arnold! tv show is, and how much it means to some kiddos. I am one of those kiddos, who watched Arnold and his friends, while growing up. This show, was like a friend to me, and the fact that it made an epic comeback, I just don’t have words to describe this feeling, I can just say that somewhere inside me is crying of happiness, because this show it meant a lot to me.

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Bang Bang Baby – A Town of Freaks

Lately, I have being into musicals, singing and dancing, and even over doing the Jazz hand. If you don’t know what Jazz hand is, well it’s when you held your hands high and shaked them as if they were sparkly stars. I even thought of going to singing classes for this winter vacation, and maybe I would go to some auditions. I feel so phony, because I think singing is not a real and easy way to get an income, and also a not great way of getting a career oportunity. But, I was going through my past, and I realize that I always was into music, and even though I didn’t say to myself “Oh, I am going to do theater, and become the next Sharpay Evans” I think deep inside, I knew this was what I liked. Mainly because of the tv influence, it wasn’t just High School Musical that infected me with its musicality, but Nickelodeon also did it, also like Glee did it, oh! Let’s not forget about Hairspray! I thought theater was stupid, and didn’t care much about it at all. Now, I dream of New York, and sing my heart out, ever goddamn day.

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Window Horses – An Artsy and Lovely Picture

“I saw a picture, it speak to me with a thousand words.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.45.42 PM.png

One casual morning, while drinking my tea, and getting ready for school, I left the tv on to watch the first episode of the new season of Bob’s Burger, and it was epic in how they decided to developed the episode, and I don’t feel like spoiling anything, so I recommended to watch it. Anywho, it was only the first episode, and had to wait for the upcoming week to watch the next episode of Bob’s Burger. But, I wanted to keep watching more animations, because sometimes I feel like a kid, and animations keep that inner childness in me. Anyway, while randomly searching on the web, I stumbled across an interesting animation titled, Window Horses. The first thing that caught my attention for me to watch the film, was by the words chosen for the title. The title sound like very poetic and aesthetic combination of words, even though, later while watching the film, it explain that it is about poetry.

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