My Perky Halloweeny Party

Dear Zeee,

This year, you were able to fully celebrate your halloween dream party! Congratulation, you always wanted to do one and now you’re done it. I know you didn’t celebrate Halloween in the past, mainly because of your religion, and now you are and atheist,  and you can do whatever the hell you want! Hell Yeah!

You decorated your room as you had planned, you wish to do it for the whole house, but remember that this house is not yours, is your parents, and your family are a party pooper when it comes to holiday, and doesn’t late you celebrate holidays, mainly because you have to clean it after the celebration, what a bunch of lazysss. I wish they have the enthusiasm like you have for these holidays.


You included your idols, of course, and always. The prince of Rock and Roll, and the queen of Hollywood. Decorated with some very, VERY, spooky ghosts to acompany the fellas.

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A Trip to the Bookstore!


I have being going back and ford to the bookstore, mainly because the new book of John Green came out last week, but unfortunately, it is not coming to Korea, so until I get the goddamn book, I will keep going to the bookstore, even though is taking a lot of my time and money, why me? Why me, Mr. Green!?

Anyway, because I had a lot of free time today, instead of just looking if there was the new book of John Green, I thought it would be a great idea if I checked out other books, and honestly, I stumble across many interesting books, so here are some of the books I saw in the bookstore.

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A Very Lazy Autumn Day (Part 3)

I guess I should say, that this is the last day of Chuseok. I am kind of sad, mainly because the weather makes me sad. It is cloudy today, and it looked as if it was about to rain. My Homie also messaged me reminding how the weather was cloudy. I thanked him, I needed to be sure that the weather was not on my side today. *sad face* But I am not completely sad, because I cannot wait to get back in track to my routine, where I wake up early, go to school, after, I go to the gym, and finally, get home and do whatever I business I have.


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When Leaves Began to Fall, (Part 2)

Thursday 5th, woke up early morning by the chilling weather of autumn. I had no plans for today, but the weather begged me to go out. I remembered a memory from last year, that I had gone to a park near few stations from my university, so I thought it would be an exellent idea to go there with one of my dogs.

I decided to take Oro, one of the fourth dogs that I own. His name is Oro, because my mother said that he was the color of mud, but to make him feel worth it, she called him Oro, which means “gold” in Spanish.

I had to take the subway to get there, so I obligated Oro to get into the pink bag, even though he hates getting in the pink bag. I felt powerful, humiliating my dogs is my favorite part of having pets, because he looked so adorable in the bag, I love him so much!


It was quite exciting for both of us, for Oro this would be the first time riding the subway, and this would be my first time taking a pet on a public transportation. It turn out, that being in a subway, was very fasinating for Oro. Whenever he heard the annauncer voice on the speakers, or the subway of the other side arriving, or simply a person passing by, Oro’s ear would got up from excitment or curiosity, it was just too cute.

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A Greeting from Autumn Eve. (Part 1)

This week, Korea celebrates Autumn by celebrating in the best way possible, with Chuseok. I love chuseok, mostly because of the food. These year, instead of celebrating it with distance family members, who really don’t call at all to ask of how the family is doing, I decided to celebrated by myself, and some friends, and some family members.

I started my chuseok week, in Tuesday, by going out with myself, basically I took myself into a date, but with myself, so… Anyway, I woke up, very late, because I could, and I wanted to. I dressed up and everything. I organized my plan, and my plan was to go to Itaewon to eat vegan food, in a bakery called Plant. And I got myself, a vegan brownie, and a chewy pumpkin cookie. I was thinking of eating it, but then I remembered that the next day I was going to meet my dearest friend, Heidi, so I wanted to reserved my experience of having vegan baking, with her. Also, what I liked about the brownie and the cookie, was that the price was affordable than the cakes, which is a relief, because last time, I had ordered a cake in this place, and smelled delicious, but it tasted plain, which I was so mad, because I paid too much for it.

I was about to leave Itaewon, when I noticed that I felt too weak to keep on, and I needed to eat at least something small to keep me going. I was going around, wondering what to eat, until I stumbled across this gelato place, and decided that treating myself a little bit, it wouldn’t do me any harm. So I got there, and tried the pumpkin cinnamon sample, and the mint choco sample. It was so hard to chose between these two amazing flavors, but at the end, I went with the pumpkin cinnamon, because I felt the vibe of autumn, and pumpkin fitted so well with the season.

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The 21th’s Birthday Week

Dear Friend,

September 29th is my birthday, and the best part is that it’s on Friday!

Last year, I celebrated my birthday the same way: making the whole week, about myself. I liked my last year birthday, I celebrated with the people at my new university, and some friends from my former university. Well, even though I had many people last time, I realized that the majority of those people didn’t really care about me. So, this year I decided to celebrate my birthday ONLY with the people that I do care, and I know they care for me, too.

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