A Chimichanga Curry?


One of my favorite food, in this entire world, is the chimichanga. I tried chimichangas once, and that was enough for me to fell in love with it. I would do anything to go back to Guatemala, and go to the restaurant 5 Elementos, and have that vegetarian chimichanga for one more time, like for real! If you don’t know what chimichangas are, just get out! Chimichangas are like the greatest thing that has ever existed, plus, Deadpool’s favorite foods are the chimichangas; this is the only reason that I love Marvels.

Well, one day I had came up with a great idea, “why not make my own chimichanga?” So I did it! And here is the process of how I achieved a legit, but not as legit as 5 Elementos’ chimichanga.

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A Vegetarian Jeon for Chuseok


Jeon is a Korean traditional food, mostly eaten during Chuseok week. I love jeon, it is one of the food that I remember, while I grew up. My mom made the best jeon I had ever tasted. Unfortunately,  because I am a vegetarian, trying to go vegan, I had to find another way to celebrate Chuseok without consuming meat. So, I did! I substituded any recipe that had meat on it with tofu. I prepared one of my favorite jeon, which is the perilla jeon.

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