Bang Bang Baby – A Town of Freaks

Lately, I have being into musicals, singing and dancing, and even over doing the Jazz hand. If you don’t know what Jazz hand is, well it’s when you held your hands high and shaked them as if they were sparkly stars. I even thought of going to singing classes for this winter vacation, and maybe I would go to some auditions. I feel so phony, because I think singing is not a real and easy way to get an income, and also a not great way of getting a career oportunity. But, I was going through my past, and I realize that I always was into music, and even though I didn’t say to myself “Oh, I am going to do theater, and become the next Sharpay Evans” I think deep inside, I knew this was what I liked. Mainly because of the tv influence, it wasn’t just High School Musical that infected me with its musicality, but Nickelodeon also did it, also like Glee did it, oh! Let’s not forget about Hairspray! I thought theater was stupid, and didn’t care much about it at all. Now, I dream of New York, and sing my heart out, ever goddamn day.

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Freddie Mercury – My Queen

I used to be in a band when I attended church, it must had being when I was in middle school. I was the main vocalist of the band, but this is not what I want to go with this story, because I am still a terrible singer, and who cares of my failure attempt of becoming a singer. What I want to tell from this story is how one day during the band practice, the pastor’s son-in-law, who was also the band’s director and coach, gathered me and the members of the band altogether, and made us sat in front of a tiny PC monitor, and played us a Youtube video. Back then, I just thought that what I was watching  was just a twenty-one minute video of a man with a creepy moustache, singing on stage. Just a simple concert I said to myself. But this video, turns out that is one of the greatest moment of the Rock and Roll history; the band of Queen performing their biggest hits, in front of their biggest audience, or perhaps, any audience ever. It is ashame that I didn’t know who Queen was back then, but what can I do, I was young and young people know nothing, am I right?

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My Perky Halloweeny Party

Dear Zeee,

This year, you were able to fully celebrate your halloween dream party! Congratulation, you always wanted to do one and now you’re done it. I know you didn’t celebrate Halloween in the past, mainly because of your religion, and now you are and atheist,  and you can do whatever the hell you want! Hell Yeah!

You decorated your room as you had planned, you wish to do it for the whole house, but remember that this house is not yours, is your parents, and your family are a party pooper when it comes to holiday, and doesn’t late you celebrate holidays, mainly because you have to clean it after the celebration, what a bunch of lazysss. I wish they have the enthusiasm like you have for these holidays.


You included your idols, of course, and always. The prince of Rock and Roll, and the queen of Hollywood. Decorated with some very, VERY, spooky ghosts to acompany the fellas.

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The Secret Garden!

When I was in 11th grade, I had to read a book for my literature class. And after reading the book, the teacher asked the class to do a book report project. We could either choose to make an art about the theme of the book we read, or wrtite a short story or an essay, or whatever creative thing that it occured to us. I went to picked up a book in my school’s library, and I came across “The Secret Garden” book by Frances Hodgson Brunette, the librarian told me it was a beautiful book and that I should definetely read it. The book was a children’s book, yet, I must have being 17 or 18, and I still loved it very much. It was easy to read, and at the same time, abundantly magical. I remember I was reading the book during lunch time, and a senior student came to me and commentted that the book was really good, but it was for babies. Anyway, after I finished the book, I wonder what kind of project would be good to do, and I thought why not a poem. So, here’s the poem, that I wrote by the inspiration of a beautiful book I read in eleven grade.

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A Trip to the Bookstore!


I have being going back and ford to the bookstore, mainly because the new book of John Green came out last week, but unfortunately, it is not coming to Korea, so until I get the goddamn book, I will keep going to the bookstore, even though is taking a lot of my time and money, why me? Why me, Mr. Green!?

Anyway, because I had a lot of free time today, instead of just looking if there was the new book of John Green, I thought it would be a great idea if I checked out other books, and honestly, I stumble across many interesting books, so here are some of the books I saw in the bookstore.

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Window Horses – An Artsy and Lovely Picture

“I saw a picture, it speak to me with a thousand words.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.45.42 PM.png

One casual morning, while drinking my tea, and getting ready for school, I left the tv on to watch the first episode of the new season of Bob’s Burger, and it was epic in how they decided to developed the episode, and I don’t feel like spoiling anything, so I recommended to watch it. Anywho, it was only the first episode, and had to wait for the upcoming week to watch the next episode of Bob’s Burger. But, I wanted to keep watching more animations, because sometimes I feel like a kid, and animations keep that inner childness in me. Anyway, while randomly searching on the web, I stumbled across an interesting animation titled, Window Horses. The first thing that caught my attention for me to watch the film, was by the words chosen for the title. The title sound like very poetic and aesthetic combination of words, even though, later while watching the film, it explain that it is about poetry.

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